Standards Policies and Guidelines

Are you building a new development? Make sure to review the engineering and landscaping requirements in Caledon. These requirements ensure that all developments have a similar design and construction throughout the Town.

Developers and contractors must review and meet the guidelines set out by the Town. These development standards, policies and guidelines provide:

  • Engineering submission requirements
  • Drawing submission requirements
  • Drawing specifications
  • Landscape and urban design requirements
  • Design requirements for storm sewers, roadways, grading, lighting, noise, and erosion and sediment control
  • Administration fees and requirements
  • Inspection requirements

Fencing standards

The Town's fencing standards provide requirements for all chain link fences and trail and walkway gates. This includes the size, location, height, and material for different types of fences.

Grading standards

Caledon's grading standards provide developers and contractors with requirements for land grading and draining for all new and existing developments.

Landscaping standards

Caledon's landscaping standards provide requirements for planting trees and shrubs in Town.

Outdoor lighting standards

The Town's outdoor lighting standards provide standards and specifications for cobra light coach LED lighting fixtures, streetlight poles and photocell censors. Developers, consultants and contractors working on new or existing streetlights in Town must follow these standards.

Road standards

The Town's road standards provide detailed drawings for roads and sidewalks in Caledon. They provide regulations for when sidewalks and curbs are necessary as well as measurement requirements for roads and sidewalk plans.

Storm sewer standards

The Town's storm sewer standards provide standard requirements for the diameter, depth and location of all storm sewers for new and existing developments.

Traffic control standards

Caledon's traffic control standards provide requirements for all traffic and street signs. This includes the size, material and position of all traffic signs.

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