The Zoning By-law is set by policies in the Town's Official Plan. The By-law divides the Town into zones, each for specific uses. The By-law regulates:

  • Land use
  • Building location on a property
  • The height, bulk, location, size, floor area, space and use of buildings and structures
  • Parking and loading facilities

In certain situations, the Zoning By-law also requires compliance with Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Formulae which mitigates odour between agricultural and non-agricultural uses. 

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Find your zoning

Find out what zoning regulations apply to your property.

First, look for the zoning map number for your property using our zoning index.

Then, look up the corresponding zoning map listed below to find your specific zone.

 Zone maps
Zone Map 1a Zone Map 17 Zone Map 36a Zone Map 54 Zone Map 73
Zone Map 1b Zone Map 18 Zone Map 36b Zone Map 55 Zone Map 74
Zone Map 1c Zone Map 19 Zone Map 37 Zone Map 56 Zone Map 75
Zone Map 1d Zone Map 20 Zone Map 38 Zone Map 57 Zone Map 76
Zone Map 2 Zone Map 21 Zone Map 39 Zone Map 58 Zone Map 77
Zone Map 3 Zone Map 22 Zone Map 40 Zone Map 59 Zone Map 78
Zone Map 4 Zone Map 23 Zone Map 41 Zone Map 60 Zone Map 79
Zone Map 5 Zone Map 24 Zone Map 42 Zone Map 61 Zone Map 80
Zone Map 6 Zone Map 25 Zone Map 43 Zone Map 62 Zone Map 81
Zone Map 7 Zone Map 26 Zone Map 44 Zone Map 63 Zone Map 82
Zone Map 8 Zone Map 27 Zone Map 45 Zone Map 64 Zone Map 83
Zone Map 9 Zone Map 28 Zone Map 46 Zone Map 65 Zone Map 84
Zone Map 10 Zone Map 29 Zone Map 47 Zone Map 66 Zone Map 85
Zone Map 11 Zone Map 30 Zone Map 48 Zone Map 67 Zone Map 86
Zone Map 12 Zone Map 31 Zone Map 49 Zone Map 68 Zone Map 87
Zone Map 13 Zone Map 32 Zone Map 50 Zone Map 69 Zone Map 88
Zone Map 14 Zone Map 33 Zone Map 51 Zone Map 70  
Zone Map 15 Zone Map 34 Zone Map 52 Zone Map 71  
Zone Map 16 Zone Map 35 Zone Map 53 Zone Map 72  
Structural Envelope maps (S.E.)
S.E. Map 1 S.E. Map 10 S.E. Map 19 S.E. Map 28 S.E. Map 37
S.E. Map 2 S.E. Map 11 S.E. Map 20 S.E. Map 29 S.E. Map 38
S.E. Map 3 S.E. Map 12 S.E. Map 21 S.E. Map 30 S.E. Map 39
S.E. Map 4 S.E. Map 13 S.E. Map 22 S.E. Map 31 S.E. Map 40
S.E. Map 5 S.E. Map 14 S.E. Map 23 S.E. Map 32 S.E. Map 41
S.E. Map 6 S.E. Map 15 S.E. Map 24 S.E. Map 33 S.E. Map 42
S.E. Map 7 S.E. Map 16 S.E. Map 25 S.E. Map 34 S.E. Map 43
S.E. Map 8 S.E. Map 17 S.E. Map 26 S.E. Map 35 S.E. Map 44
S.E. Map 9 S.E. Map 18 S.E. Map 27 S.E. Map 36  
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Review the Zoning By-law by section.

Review the appropriate section of the zoning By-law.

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Learn how to use the by-law

Minister's Zoning Orders
Zoning By-law 87-229


View the following schedules in the Zoning By-law:

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View the appendices to the Zoning by-law:

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Amending the Zoning By-law

Sometimes it's not possible to meet all of the Zoning By-law requirements. You can change your plans to meet the requirements, or apply for a preliminary meeting to discuss your proposal. If you can't meet the Zoning By-law you may need to apply for either a Zoning By-law Amendment or a Minor Variance application. 

Request a compliance letter

A compliance letter can be used for:

  • Written confirmation of the Official Plan designation and Zoning of a property
  • Establishing an Inspection Station
  • Establishing a Propane Cylinder Exchange program
  • Establishing a Day Nursery
  • Establishing a Before/After School Program

Request a compliance Letter.

Request a zoning certificate

You can apply to have your zoning reviewed (including uses and buildings/structures) to see whether it complies. A Zoning Certificate may be requested for any reason, including:

  • To have a zoning review done before you submit a planning application
  • For a proposed Motor Vehicles Sales (OMVIC)
  • For a proposed propane distribution centre
  • For a proposed day nursery

Request a Zoning Certificate Application.

Request a legal non-conforming use

A legal non-conforming use is a use which was legally established under the Zoning By-law in effect at the time the use began but which is not currently permitted. You can apply to have a use recognized as a legal non-conforming use so long as the original use has continued uninterrupted at that location until today. 

New applications

Request a Legal Non-Conforming Use 

To add information in response to a refusal 

If you get a letter from the Town refusing your request for a Legal Non-Conforming use, you can add information.

Add information to your request when it is refused

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