Vulnerable Persons Registry

Caledon Fire and Emergency Services offers special assistance to people who are differently abled and need help in an emergency. If this applies to you, please add your name to our Vulnerable Persons Registry.

Vulnerable Persons Registry Form

Complete the Vulnerable Persons Registry form to be added to the registry.

Update your information annually

To ensure that special assistance is available, you must register annually. The list is only valid for one year.

Update your information if:

  • It has been a year since you last updated it
  • The person needing special assistance no longer resides at the registered location
  • You move and need to register under a different address

Renewals are your responsibility. We do not send out notifications for renewal. Remember to renew each year to stay on the registry.


You must be a resident of Caledon to participate. If you live outside of town, check with your municipality for a similar program.

Types of emergencies covered

Adding your name allows fire emergency personnel to assist you in an emergency. It is not for police or ambulance emergencies.

Registry access to information

Fire and emergency services have access to this information. They need it to perform their duties and help members on the registry. There are strict regulations for who can see and share this information.