Compliance Audit Committee

The role of the Compliance Audit Committee is to review and consider compliance audit applications received by an eligible elector who believes that a candidate or registered third party advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act relating to election campaign finances.

Apply for a compliance audit

If you are an elector who is eligible to vote in a municipal election and believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate or third party advertiser has contravened the Municipal Elections Act, relating to election campaign finances, you can apply for audit of a candidate's or third party advertiser's campaign finances. You'll need to:

The deadline to submit an application has now passed.

For any inquiries please contact us.

Roles and responsibilities

The Compliance Audit Committee can:

  • Grant or reject a compliance audit application
  • Appoint an auditor to conduct the audit
  • Consider the auditor or Clerk's report within 30 days of receiving it
  • Decide whether to take legal action against the candidate, a contributor or registered third party for any illegality