Park Dedication

Parks are important to quality of life. They provide essential elements for sustainable, healthy, connected and complete communities. All development or redevelopment of land within the Town requires contribution to the expansion and enhancement of the Town’s parks and open space system.

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  4. Exemptions to Parkland Dedication
  5. How to pay cash-in-lieu fees

 Park Conveyance

As a condition of development and redevelopment of land, the Town can require one of the following:

  • dedication of land for parks or other public recreational purpose; or
  • cash-in-lieu (CIL) of parkland; or
  • combination of parkland conveyance and a CIL of parkland payment.

It is the Town’s priority to obtain parkland, however, in certain cases where the Town does not find the land to be desirable for parkland, a cash-in-lieu of parkland conveyance or a combination of land and cash may be accepted. The amount of parkland and CIL are calculated in accordance with the Town’s Parkland Conveyance By-law, Official Plan and the Planning Act.

 Parkland Conveyance By-law

The Parkland Conveyance By-law approved by Council applies on a Town-wide basis, outlining the parkland conveyance requirements and CIL of parkland rates.


Town’s Parkland Conveyance By-lawOfficial Plan and the Planning Act permit the Town to require parkland and collect CIL of parkland at the following rates:

  • Commercial, Industrial or institutional uses – 2% of the total area of land.
  • Residential uses – whichever is greater:
    • 5% of the total area of land
    • 1 hectare per 600 residential units, when dedicating land
    • 1 hectare per 1000 residential units, when dedicating cash-in-lieu of land
    • All other developments – 5% of the total area of land
    • Mixed of Uses – whichever is greater of above calculation

Maximum amount of land is capped if:

  • Site is under 5 hectares in area – 10% of the land or the value of the land.
  • Site is greater than 5 hectares in area – 15% of the land or the value of the land.

Exemptions to Parkland Dedication

Some types of development are exempt from the parkland dedication requirement. These exemptions include, but are not limited to, land owned by a board of education, hospital, agricultural or farm purpose, temporary building or structure and place of worship. For a full list of exemptions, review section 33 of the Parkland Conveyance By-law.

How to pay cash-in-lieu of park land

Cash-in-Lieu of parkland is payable:

  • In the case of development or re-development of land, prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.
  • In the case of a plan of subdivision, prior to registration.
  • In the case of a consent (severance), prior to final approval.

For applications where the Town determines that the payment of money will be required in lieu of a conveyance of a portion of land for parkland, the owner of the land shall provide the Town with an appraisal report prepared by a qualified appraiser who is a member in good standing of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). The staff will review the submitted appraisal submitted and confirm the amount to be paid. If there is concern about the validity of the report, the Town may obtain its own appraisal report for an additional cost.

Payment of money shall be made in the form of certified cheque, bank draft, electronic funds or wire transfer, or another form acceptable to the Town.


Contact and More Information

For more information, please contact the Planning Department at 905-584-2272 x. 7338 or

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