Business Licensing

Some businesses in Caledon require a licence. We licence adult entertainment facilities, tow trucks, taxi and limousine services, refreshment vehicles and donation boxes. 

Not sure if you need a licence? Read more below.

Tow trucks

There are a variety of different licences that you need to own and operate a tow truck company in Caledon. Tow truck licences expire annually on May 31. You will need to book an appointment to get a new tow truck licence. Call us to set up an appointment.

Company Licence

To operate a tow truck company, you need to:

Vehicle Licence

You need to submit an application for each tow truck vehicle. To get a tow truck vehicle licence, you need to:

  • Complete a Tow Truck Vehicle application
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance
  • Drop off the form and original copies of other required documents in-person to Town Hall 
  • Pay a licensing fee of $425.00 for the first truck for a new company and $400.00 for additional trucks.
  • A fee of $60 will also apply for a missed or additional vehicle inspection.

Driver's Licence

To drive a tow truck, you need a tow truck driver's licence:

  • Complete the Tow Truck Driver application
  • Drop off the form and original copies of other required documents in-person to Town Hall
  • Pay the $150.00 licensing fee.

Taxis and limousines

There are a variety of different taxi and limousine licences required to own and operate these services in Caledon. All taxi and limousine licences expire annually on October 31. Review the different licence requirements.

Broker Licence

To run a taxi or limousine business in Caledon, you need to get a broker licence. You need to:

  • Fill out the Taxi/Limousine Broker application
  • Submit the with original copies of the other required documents in-person at Town Hall 
  • Pay the $400.00 licensing fee.

Vehicle Licence

You need to licence every vehicle that you plan to use as a taxi or limousine.

For each vehicle, you need to:


The following taxi and limousine licensing fees apply:

  • Original taxi licence costs $425.00
  • Taxi licence renewal costs $325.00
  • Original limousine licence costs $400.00
  • Limousine licence renewal costs $325.00

Driver's Licence

In order to get a licence to drive a taxi or limousine in Caledon, you need to:

  • Complete the Taxi Driver application
  • Submit the form and original copies of other required documents in-person to Town Hall

You'll need to pay a licensing fee of $125.00.

Refreshment vehicles

Do you own a food truck, ice-cream truck or other refreshment vehicle? You need to get a licence in order to own and operate the vehicle. Before applying for the licence, you need to get an inspection from the Region of Peel Health Department.

Owner Licence

To get a refreshment vehicle owner's licence, you need to:

Operator Licence

To operate a refreshment vehicle you need to:

Donation boxes

If you would like to set up a donation box, you need to get a licence. Donation box licences expire annually on February 28.

Set up a donation box

To set up a donation box you need to: