Growth Management

Caledon Council endorsed a plan for Strategic Growth Direction for the Town of Caledon and a “made in Caledon” Growth Concept, which has been circulated to the Province for consideration. Caledon is welcoming and preparing for an unprecedented amount of growth in our community and it is important to do so responsibly, strategically and while delivering strong customer service to our industry partners. This approach to planning will improve the quality of life for Caledon residents while welcoming growth by creating smart growth processes, unique to Caledon, that benefits everyone.

Growth Management and Phasing Plan            

The Town will be undertaking a Growth Management and Phasing Study to inform how and where growth should occur as we build our community. Stay tuned for more information as this study progresses.

Please be advised that any applications associated with the Secondary Plan process, Plans of Subdivision, Plans of Condominium or otherwise requiring an amendment to the Town’s Official Plan, for lands outside of our current Settlement Area Boundary (Schedule A1 of the Town's Official Plan) will not be accepted by the Town at this time as they will be deemed incomplete and refused.