Pay Your Taxes

Your property tax installments are due the first Thursday of March, May, July and September, as noted on your property tax bills. Make sure you make your payment in advance of the due date so that you don't receive late charges. If you believe that your tax bill isn't correct, you can appeal your tax bill. Learn more about property tax sales and arrears.

To pay your taxes, you'll need:

  • The 19-digit property tax “roll number" located on your tax bill
  • The balance owing on your tax bill
  • Your payment method

Payment options

For your convenience, we offer a variety of different payment options. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Pre-authorized payment plan

If you want to save time, spread out your payments and avoid late payment charges, then the pre-authorized payment plan is right for you.

Complete the pre-authorized payment (PAP) plan form. Enrollment is automatically renewed annually.

Select a plan

We have two different pre-authorized payment plans available. If your scheduled withdrawal date is a weekend or statutory holiday it will be made on the next business day.

10-month plan

If you select the 10-month plan, 10 monthly payments will be withdrawn directly from your bank account on either the first or fifteen of the month from January to October.

Your monthly payments beginning January to receipt of your final tax bill are based on prior year's taxes divided by 10. Your final tax bill outlines your monthly payment for the remaining months of the plan. It is based on your current year's taxes, minus your payments made up to the date of your final tax bill divided by the number of remaining months. Your final tax bill outlines your monthly payments for the following year.

4-month installment plan

If you select the 4-month installment plan, 4 payments will be withdrawn directly from your bank account on the regular tax due dates listed on your interim and final tax bills.


  • You have no outstanding taxes owing
  • You do not pay your taxes through your mortgage
  • Your last assessment was a full assessment

Plan cancellation or changes

Complete the pre-authorized payment (PAP) plan form at least 30 days before your next payment is due to cancel or to change your banking information or switch plans. If your request to cancel PAP is not received 30 days before your next payment is withdrawn, you will be charged a fee if you request the payment be refunded. 

Online, telephone or in-person banking

For online and telephone banking payments: set up “Caledon taxes” as a payee using your 19-digit tax “roll number” located on your tax bill as your account number. Make payment on or before the due date. If your bank does not permit 19-digits to be entered as a payee, please remove the first four digits (2124). Transactions will not be reflected on your property tax account on the same day the payment is processed online.

For in-person banking: visit your branch with your tax bill to make payment at the counter on or before the due date.

Credit card online

We only accept credit card tax payments online through Plastiq, an online third-party payment service provider. A service fee is charged by Plastiq calculated as a set percentage of each transaction to cover payment handling and processing charges.

Create a Plastiq account online and make your tax payment at least six business days before the due date using your credit card. Please review Plastiq's terms and conditions prior to using the service.


Drop off or mail your post-dated cheques and tax stubs to the Town of Caledon with enough time to reach us before the due date. Your cheques must:

  • Be dated with the due dates on your tax stubs
  • Be made out to the Town of Caledon
  • Have your 19 digit tax roll number in the memo section

Drop-off: Service Caledon, Town Hall

Visit us at our Service Caledon counter located at the main entrance of Town Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with your payment.

Drop-off: nightly deposit box, Town Hall

Visit us outside of regular business hours and drop off your payment in our deposit box located at the main entrance of Town Hall.

Drop-off: Caledon library branches

Visit one of our library branches, excluding the Caledon East branch with your payment in a sealed envelope Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the week of the due date.

Cash or debit

Visit us at our Service Caledon counter located at the main entrance of Town Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with your cash or debit payment. Please do not send cash by mail or drop-off cash in the nightly deposit box.

Mortgage company

Contact your mortgage company to have them pay your property taxes directly to us. Your mortgage company will add the property taxes paid on your behalf to your mortgage payments.

Don't have your bill?

Contact Service Caledon if you haven't received your tax bill. You are still required to pay your taxes on time and will receive late payment charges even if you don't receive a bill.

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