Property Assessments

Every four years, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) conducts a province-wide assessment and mails a Property Assessment Notice to all property owners in Ontario. Your property assessment helps determine your property tax rate.

Due to COVID-19, MPAC has postponed the 2020 Assessment Update and extended the Request for Reconsideration (RfR) deadline.

Appeal your property assessment

If you feel your property assessment isn't correct, you can appeal the assessment through MPAC. Find out how to make an appeal.

My assessment notice

Your province-wide property assessment update notice will be sent once every four years. If you don't receive an assessment notice, please contact MPAC directly. Your notice of assessment will include:

  • An issue date and specific request for reconsideration deadline for each of the four years
  • A clear explanation of the phase-in
  • A simple explanation of the Ontario property assessment system
  • Information on the valuation process

You may also receive a notice of assessment during a non-assessment update year to inform you of changes made to your property information and the impact on your property value.

Tax apportionment

An apportionment is when land is severed or consolidated. A severance happens when land is split into two or more parcels, like semi-detached homes and townhouses. A consolidation happens when two or more parcels with the same owner become one land parcel.

MPAC is advised of an apportionment through a legal conveyance of the land and conducts an assessment of the severed or consolidated parcel(s) of land. You will receive a new tax bill from us with future due dates for any unpaid taxes on the new parcel(s) of land.

Contact us when your land is severed or consolidated to have your taxes apportioned.

Supplementary tax

You will receive a supplementary tax bill from us if MPAC's assessment of your property increased because you:

  • Completed renovations or improvements to a building on your property
  • Have constructed a new building on your property
  • Changed the use of your property causing a change in the tax class of your property
  • Occupy a newly constructed home

It can take up to three years after occupancy of your newly constructed home for MPAC's property assessment to reflect both your land and house. If you receive a supplementary tax bill from us and you did not own the property, contact your lawyer to arrange for payment.

How is my property value determined?

During the property assessment MPAC will evaluate five key factors that account for 85% of your property value:

  • Location
  • Lot dimensions
  • Living area
  • Age of the property (adjusted for any major renovations or additions)
  • Quality of construction

Watch MPAC's video about what they look for during a property assessment.

Learn more about your property value

Sign up for AboutMyProperty to learn more about how your property was assessed, see the information MPAC has on file and compare it to other properties in your neighbourhood. This is a great tool for finding out if your property assessment is accurate.

Watch MPAC's video on AboutMyProperty.

Assessment of property value Request for Reconsideration

If you disagree with MPAC’s classification or assessment of your property, please contact MPAC directly at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) with a Request for Reconsideration (RFR).

Businesses can appeal to the Assessment Review Board (ARB); an independent tribunal of the Province of Ontario without making a Request for Reconsideration.

Adjusting your tax account

The Town can only adjust your property tax account after receiving notification of a decision from MPAC or the ARB for any change in the value of your property.

To avoid any penalty or interest charges, we recommend that you continue to pay your taxes while your appeal is being assessed by MPAC or the ARB.

If you are selling your property while your appeal is under consideration, make sure your lawyer provides for the adjustment of any taxes after the closing date.

School support designation

MPAC is responsible for managing your school support designation. Learn more about the application process to change your school board support designation.