The Town of Caledon prohibits setting off fireworks on:

  • public property
  • parklands and parks
  • roads and sidewalks

You can only set off fireworks on your property on:

  • Canada Day
  • Victoria Day

In the event of rain on any of the two days above, you may set off fireworks the following day. Please see the Fireworks By-law (2009-097) for more information. Any person who violates any provisions of the Fireworks By-law is guilty of an offence.

Safety guidelines

Make sure that you keep a water hose or pail close by when discharging fireworks. Carefully read and follow the directions on a firework's packaging.

Light only one firework at a time and only when they are secured on the ground. Never try to light a firework in your hand.

When discharging fireworks, follow the manufacturer's instructions while keeping a safe distance from any combustible materials, buildings, trees, or dry grass.

You should always:

  • Appoint a responsible person to be in charge
  • Watch children carefully and always be vigilant
  • Keep onlookers a safe distance away, facing the same direction as the wind, from the area where fireworks are being discharged
  • Nail wheels securely to post or fence, allowing spinning clearance


If someone is burned, run cool water over the burn for three to five minutes. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Dud fireworks

Never try to relight a dud firework. You should wait 30 minutes, soak them in a bucket of water, and dispose of them in a metal container.

Keep sparklers away from children

Sparklers burn extremely hot and can easily ignite clothing, soak in water after burnout to avoid injury.

Want to sell fireworks?

In the Town of Caledon we have strict requirements for selling fireworks:

  • You must have a permit.
  • You can only sell fireworks during the 10-day period prior to Canada Day or Victoria Day.
  • You must contact us at least 40 days before you start selling to book a fire safety inspection
Before you apply

If you plan to sell fireworks you have to meet the requirements below:

  • All fire extinguishers should be tagged, serviced and located as required by the Ontario Fire Code.
  • All sprinkler heads should be maintained and have at least 18" of clearance (if applicable).
  • There must be a minimum of two unobstructed exits as per the Ontario Fire Code and the Explosives Act.
  • Aisles should be at least 1.2m wide and unobstructed
  • Exit signs must be illuminated
  • Emergency lighting must be maintained and inspected
Ready to apply?

To get a vendor permit to sell fireworks you will need:

  • Payment of $179.00 (including HST) via cheque, cash, VISA, MasterCard or debit
  • Proof of liability insurance of at least two million dollars
  • Written authorization by the vendor or their agent
  • The municipal address where you will sell the fireworks, and
  • If you are not the landowner, make sure to include written consent from the landowner to sell fireworks.

When you are ready, please contact Caledon Fire and Emergency Services for an application form.

After the Permit is issued

After we issue your permit you must do the following:

  • Post the permit in a visible location
  • Separate displayed fireworks into lots not exceeding 25 kg, as outlined by the Explosives Act (see Consumer Fireworks Retail Package)
  • Keep fireworks away from fuels
  • Do not expose them to direct sun or excess heat
  • Ensure that fireworks not in consumer packages are not publicly accessible
  • Sell fireworks only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older
  • Separate each lot of fireworks by means of a fire break
  • Keep fireworks at least 8m away from sources of ignition
  • Keep fireworks at least 3m away from any vehicle parking area
  • Make sure that you store no more than 1,000 kg of consumer fireworks (including fireworks that are displayed for sale).

Please note: Our fire prevention staff do conduct spot inspections to verify compliance.