Assistance for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

The Town of Caledon offers a $514 property tax rebate to low income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities. This rebate aligns with our Adult 55+ Strategic Plan by providing opportunities for you to remain in your home as you age.

The rebate is applied to your property tax account to offset property taxes. 

Apply now

To apply for the rebate, complete the Low Income Seniors or Persons with Disabilities Tax Assistance Form and send it to our Finance division by email, drop it off or mail it to the Town of Caledon.

You must apply each year by December 31 in the year being applied for. However, we encourage you to apply by April 30 each year to ensure the rebate is processed before the final property tax installment is due.


To qualify for this rebate, you must own and live in your home.

For seniors to qualify, you must:

  • Be 65 years of age or older by the date of the application
  • Receive the monthly guaranteed income supplement under Part II of the Old Age Security Act
  • Own and live in the home for at least a year prior to the application date

For persons with disabilities to qualify, you must:

Please note that all registered owners of the property must be either an eligible senior or eligible person with disabilities or their spouse.  Properties under other ownerships are not eligible for this rebate program.

This residential property tax rebate, where allowed, will be an outright grant made by the Town and will not entail repayment of any kind. 

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