Transportation Studies

Our transportation infrastructure is vital to the health of our community. We have undertaken a number of studies to better understand our current and future needs.

Current projects

View our current projects to learn more about transportation plans in Caledon:

Multi-Model Transportation Master Plan

The key component of the Caledon Multi-Modal Transportation Plan (MMTMP) is to set out a long-term transportation strategic direction or vision for the Town.

Learn more: Multi-Model Transportation Master Plan.

Active Transportation Master Plan

In April 2022, the Town of Caledon began an Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) with a focus on promoting active transportation, trail development, and utilization to create a livable and sustainable community today and for years to come. The plan provides the necessary framework to develop and manage a more physically active transportation community in a cost-effective manner that will connect, integrate, enhance and expand on our existing facilities.

Learn more: Active Transportation Master Plan

Chinguacousy Road Improvements Class Environmental Assessment 
 The Town of Caledon has initiated this project to review solutions for this road from Mayfield to Old School Road.

Complete projects

We have completed a number of transportation studies, including:

Caledon Transportation Master Plan (2017)

The Caledon Transportation Master Plan (CTMP) looks at our transportation needs to the year 2031, to provide a sustainable transportation system that supports a healthy and active lifestyle in our community. Throughout the TMP process, we consulted with the stakeholders and public to gather feedback, conduct research and gain insight.

Columbia Way Environmental Assessment
The Town of Caledon has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Columbia Way between Highway 50 and Caledon King Townline to improve traffic conditions and enhance the safety of all road users.
Transit Feasibility Study

Town conducted a Transit Feasibility Study to find the costs and benefits of having a public transit service. The study developed and then was guided by a set of Vision, Goals, and Objectives that are consistent with the Town's wider plans.

The study also examined the existing and projected demographics and travel patterns within Caledon and reviewed transit provision in similar municipalities. The Study comprised extensive engagement with stakeholders and the general public at key points in the study, including telephone, online surveys as well as public information centres (PICs). 

Bolton Transportation Master Plan

The Bolton Transportation Master Plan identifies transportation issues and road network concerns around Bolton.

Traffic Calming Strategy
The Town of Caledon is putting the brakes on speeding by developing a new Traffic Calming Strategy to help address speeding as well as improve road safety for all users. 
Mayfield West Phase 2 Secondry Plan

Myfield West 2 Transportation Master Plan guides the delivery of transportation infrastructure and services in the development area. The MW2-TMP provides a strategic balanced transportation framework that supports walking, cycling, and public transport as well as a road network.