Legal Services

Please note: Our Legal Services team does not provide legal services to the public. If you are looking for a lawyer or paralegal to represent you in court or give you advice or counsel, you can contact the Law Society Referral Service.

Our Legal Services team gives legal advice and support to council and departments in the Town of Caledon. It also represents the Town in litigation and the prosecution of municipal by-laws and provincial statutes. Other services such as document commissioning, marriage licensing and paying for a parking or traffic ticket are handled by other divisions at the Town. 


Part I (Part 1) and Part III (Part 3) Offences

 Legal Services provides disclosure for Part I and Part III offences under The Provincial Offences Act. Please complete the form below as instructed (click Disclosure Request button). 

ASE/RLC Disclosure Requests 

If you are looking for disclosure for an ASE (Automatic Speed Enforcement) or RLC (Red Light Camera) charge, please email with a copy of your Notice of Trial attached. Disclosure requests will NOT be processed without a copy of the Notice of Trial. 

Request Disclosure

What is "disclosure"?

Disclosure is a copy of any evidence that the Crown and Police have collected from the offence committed.

Where do I find my offence number?

Your offence number is located at the top right corner of your ticket, starting with ICON number, 0661 OR 0660. This number consists of seven (7) digits and one (1) letter.


Example offence number: 0661-1234567Z


If your offence number is on a Notice of Trial, it will read like this example: 0661-999-00-1234567Z-00.

How long does it take to get disclosure?

Disclosure takes a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to get back from the Officer, so make your request well in advance of your next court date. Please also ensure that the contact information you provided on your request form (email address, phone number etc.) is clear and legible. 

Where do I pick up my disclosure?

Disclosure is provided by:

  • Email;
  • Fax; and
  • In person at Town Hall

When providing your email address, please double check any spelling or clarity so that your disclosure is provided to you correctly. If you provided a fax number, we will fax disclosure to that number. We will only contact you for pick up if you did not list an email address, telephone number, or fax number on the request form. Make sure your contact information is clear and legible. 

I am still waiting to get disclosure, what should I do?

If you have not received your disclosure within 6 to 8 weeks of your request, you should:

  1. Submit a second request.
  2. Indicate on the request form that this is your second request.
  3. If your request was submitted by email or fax, keep a copy of all successfully transmitted fax confirmations/emails so that you have record of your original disclosure request received by the Town of Caledon.
  4. Bring your successful fax transmissions/emails to your court date to indicate that disclosure was requested in a timely manner but not provided before your court date

How do I request disclosure?

Legal Services provides disclosure for Part I and Part III offences under The Provincial Offences Act.

Request Disclosure

Appeals and Motions

COVID-19 Notice: For the latest information, please visit the Ontario Courts of Justice website

If you have been convicted of a Provincial Offence(s) in the Ontario Court of Justice (Caledon or Orangeville courts), and you wish to appeal the conviction to the Ontario Court of Justice, please direct all inquiries to the Ministry of the Attorney General located at 10 Louisa Street, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 3P9 or by telephone at (519) 941-5802. 

You can obtain a copy of the appeal guide for self-represented defendants and other related forms at the link below:

Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases for self-represented parties

 Appeal Forms


Please note: The Appeal forms are for information purposes only.  Legal Services staff are unable to provide legal advice or to assist with completion of the above forms.  For all inquires on how to commence an Appeal for a Provincial Offences case, contact the Ontario Court of Justice.   

Radar Manuals/Speed Measuring Devices

If you have been charged with speeding by a Caledon, Dufferin, Shelburne or Orangeville OPP Officer, and the Officer used a radar or laser device to obtain the speed reading, you can obtain a copy of the relevant manual for the device used by clicking on the link to the manual. The Officer's notes will indicate what device the Officer used. 

 View the manuals

 Pay a Ticket 

To request an alternative version of this document please contact us.

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) - Certificate of Accuracy

Below is the link to the Automated Speed Enforcement Certificate of Accuracy made available in respect to certain provincial offences. Please refer to the location and offence date on your Automated Speed Enforcement System Offence Notice to find the corresponding Certificate of Accuracy. The Manual for the ASE Machine can also be located below. 

ASE Certificate of Accuracy

ASE Manual

ASE Frequently Asked Questions  

Land for Sale

The Town occasionally sells Town-owned assets such as unopened road allowances or vacant land. When lands are to be sold, the Town issue a public notice. You can subscribe to get our notices by email:

Subscribe to Public Notices

How to Purchase

To purchase Town-owned land, an application form must be submitted along with the application fee at Town Hall. View the available land and buildings section to learn about commercial or industrial land for sale. Also, see if we are disposing of any land as a result of tax arrears.

If you are looking for an application to purchase Town land, please follow the link below:

Application to Purchase Town Land


For more detailed information, please refer to the following:

To request an alternative version of this document please contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Application fee cover?

The non-refundable application fee covers the costs of processing the application, including:

  • review of the application and creation of a new file;
  • title search;
  • circulations to various departments;
  • correspondence with the application; and
  • any required notices under the Land Sale By-Law.

If I make an Application, will the Town sell me the lands?

The application is a request to the Town to consider the sale of the lands. It does not guarantee the Town will sell any lands. As a landowner, the Town has complete discretion to sell or retain its own lands for any reason.

What other costs will I incur?

In addition to the non-refundable application fee, the applicant will be required to cover the following costs (as applicable):

  • cost of a reference plan;
  • cost to appraise the value of the lands;
  • Council report fee (where the proposed sale requires a report to Council);
  • By-law fee (where the land to be sold is a road);
  • agreement fee;
  • Teraview document fee; and
  • search and registration costs.

What is the value of the land I am interested in?

The Town does not maintain active valuations on Town-owned land. Unfortunately, we will not be able to advise you of an approximate value of the land you are interested in purchasing. The fair market value of the land will be determined by an appraiser with an Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute designation.

What if I want to know who owns a piece of Land?

For privacy reasons, the Town does not provide ownership information to individuals. If you would like to know ownership information, please contact your local Land Registry Office, and realtor or real estate lawyer, or check the ONLAND system

For more information, please contact Legal Services.