Late Payment Charges

Your property taxes are due on the date noted on your tax bill. If taxes aren't paid on time, a next day penalty of 1.25% will be charged following the due date and an additional 1.25% will be charged on the first of each month, until the outstanding balance is paid.

The Town of Caledon's late payment charges by-law and Section 345 of the Municipal Act regulates our late payment charges.

Request to waive late payment charges

If you are a residential property owner unable to pay your property taxes on time due to an extraordinary circumstance, you can request to have your interest and penalty charges waived for one month. Contact us to submit your request by email or in writing and drop off or mail the letter to the Town of Caledon.

Your request should include a detailed description of your situation and supporting documentation. The circumstance must occur on or up to two weeks before the due date. Here is a description of valid extraordinary circumstances and the documentation required to be sent to us.

Extraordinary circumstance documentation requirements
Extraordinary circumstanceRequired documentation

Severe illness or injury to yourself or an immediate family member (requiring hospitalization or medical care)

Medical letter or certificate

Death in the immediate family

Death certificate or obituary

Mandated quarantine do to an endemic or pandemic disease by the Public Board of Health

Documentation from a Public Board of Health outlining the dates of the quarantine

A victim of a criminal act, such as bank fraud

Police report or letter from a financial institution

Sequestered on the due date because of jury duty

Documentation supporting sequestering from applicable court

Your information will not be kept and will be destroyed or returned after our review. We may request additional supporting documentation.

The following circumstances are not considered valid:

  • Being away on vacation or a trip abroad
  • Mailing a tax payment and not allowing sufficient time
  • Failing to notify us of a mailing address or ownership change

Tax sales and arrears

According to the Municipal Act, if you don't pay your taxes for three calendar years, then the Town will notify you that your property is in arrears. You will receive a tax arrears certificate that indicates your property will be sold if you don't pay the outstanding taxes within a year.

If your outstanding taxes aren't paid within a year of receiving a tax certificate, we will advertise the sale of your property and your property will be included in the next municipal tax sale.

Sale of land for tax arrears by public tender

There are currently no properties available for purchase in a municipal tax sale.

November 21, 2019 tax sale results
Property address Tax roll number Assessed value Minimum tender required Result
16587 Mount Hope Rd 2124 010 002 03120 0000 $1,814,250 $87,125.13 Cancelled
0 Mount Hope Rd 2124 010 002 03000 0000 $966,250 $35,000.08 Cancelled
0 Mississauga Rd 2124 030 008 25405 0000 $27,375 $8,353.76 Highest bid - $18,025
7 Flaherty Lane 2124 030 007 41600 0000 $393,500 $27,536.49 Highest bid - $56,000

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