Development Applications

Establishing a Temporary Patio? - The Town has created an expedited review process for temporary patios.

What are development applications?

The Town of Caledon oversees many types of development, from minor variances to entire subdivisions. To ensure development meets Town guidelines, by-laws and plans, approvals are needed for most types of development. 

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COVID-19 Update - Planning and Development applications can now be submitted online. 

Current applications and notices

Review the current development applications and planning notices to stay informed about the new development projects in Caledon.

For existing applications

We continue to process development applications received prior to the closure of Town Hall. During this time, the Town will only accept revised submissions and supporting documents electronically.  Each applicant will be advised directly if this is required.

To submit additional information or revised information, please use the form:

Learn more about guidelines for online development applications.

For new applications

Currently we are accepting new applications for:

Learn more about guidelines for online development applications

Questions and answers about submitting an application online

What is electronic plan review?

Resubmissions and supporting documents will now be processed electronically. Approvals will be issued and sent to the applicant in an electronic format.

Do I still have to submit a paper set of drawings?

During this time of COVID-19, a paper set of the submission package is not required. This may change in the future when normal business practices resume.

There may be instances where Planning staff request hard copies of the material. If so, a member of Planning staff will contact you.

How will my approvals be delivered?

Any approvals issued by the Planning and Development Services Division will be issued in PDF format in one of the following two ways:

  • If the approval package is less than 20MB, the package will be attached to an email sent to the applicant
  • If the approval package is greater than 20MB, the package will be placed in a FTP site and a secure link will be included in the email to the applicant to allow the approval package to be downloaded

Are scanned copies of hand-drawn plans acceptable?

As a general guideline, scanning of drawings should be avoided as it impacts quality and increases the file size.

Provided that they are scanned at a sufficient resolution (300 dpi in general, 600 dpi for fine details) and meet all other submission requirements, then yes, plans are generally acceptable for the following planning applications:

  • Preliminary Meeting and Pre-Consultation (DART) Meeting Requests
  • Legal Non-Conforming Applications
  • Zoning Certificate Applications
  • Committee of Adjustment Applications (Minor Variance, Consent, Validation Certificate)
  • Oak Ridges Moraine Site Plan Applications

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature (standard electronic signature) takes the concept of traditional paper-based signing and turns it into an electronic “fingerprint.” This “fingerprint” is unique to both the document and the signer.

The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the signer. Any changes made to the document after it is signed invalidate the signature, thereby protecting against forgery and information tampering.

Can I still sign forms by hand?

Yes, you can print and sign forms and then scan them. Please ensure that the information on the form is accurate and that the signature can be easily seen.

Contact us before submitting

Before submitting an application, we invite you to contact us to discuss your new project. In speaking with a member of our team, we may suggest that you meet with us through a Preliminary Meeting to discuss your proposal. We can take an initial look at your plans, explain the process and identify any concerns that might need to be addressed. This meeting is optional, although we recommend it!

Request a Preliminary Meeting 

What happens next?

In discussing or meeting about your project, staff will either direct you to submit the application or attend a Pre-Consultation (DART) Meeting.

Application requirements

Often a development application will need to be looked at and approved by several different people at the Town and at other governments and agencies. To coordinate the process and save you time, we bring together a group of experts -- the Development Application Review Team (DART) -- to meet with you before you formally submit an application.

A DART Meeting is mandatory for subdivisions, condominiums, amendments to the Official Plan or the Zoning By-law, and some applications for Site Plan Approval including telecommunication towers

Please note: There is a fee for the application. For more information visit our Fees By-law.

The purpose of the DART meeting is to:

  • Confirm what approvals are needed
  • Identify any drawings, studies or reports that are needed
  • Review any policies that apply to the site
  • Preview expected timelines
  • Look at any relevant Council decisions
  • Flag any potential areas of concern

DART meeting are held every two weeks on Thursdays from 1 to 4 p.m. at Town Hall. 

Please submit your meeting request no later than the Monday prior. 

Request a Pre-Consultation Meeting