Bolton Queen Street Corridor Study

The Bolton Queen Street Corridor Study looked at ways to improve the downtown core of Bolton. This study was a response to changes in transportation and infrastructure policy that have altered traffic activity around Queen Street/Highway 50. The goal of the study was to ensure the area is viable for multiple modes of transportation, spur economic growth and development, improve housing options and promote community vibrancy.


The study has been completed. A memo summarizing the findings was submitted to the Committee of the Whole – Planning and Development on May 21, 2019. The findings will now contribute to the Caledon 2041 Official Plan Review.


The objectives of this study were to identify land use and design opportunities along the corridor that:

  • Promote active transportation and connectivity in Bolton
  • Establish the corridor as a “complete street”
  • Identify future land uses that can thrive while accommodating projected growth
  • Recognize and build on research and policies that exist within the study area
  • Accommodate and support future transit demands
  • Reflects feedback collected through public and government consultations

The Queen Street Corridor Study included these areas:

  • Regional Road 50/Queen St. from Emil Kolb Pkwy. To Mayfield Rd. (approximately 7.8 km)
  • Regional Road 9/King St. from Coleraine Dr. to the Humber Valley Trail, east of Old King Rd. (approximately 2.2 km)
 Public Consultation
 The project included extensive consultations. Contact us if you would like to review materials presented during past public consultations.