Heritage Caledon

Heritage Caledon CommitteePurpose

The Heritage Caledon Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council on how to preserve the Town's cultural and built heritage pursuant to Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. In addition the Committee maintains the Town's registry of listed and delisted properties as well as promotes the Heritage Caledon Award of Excellence program.



 Interested in learning more about the Committee, review the Heritage Caledon Committee Terms of Reference.


The Heritage Caledon Committee is comprised of ten members of the public that have an interest, knowledge or hold expertise in heritage related matters. Councillor Lynn Kiernan is the Council representative for this Committee.

Agendas and Minutes

The Heritage Caledon Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available through the Council and Committee Calendar.  

Attend a Meeting 

Interested in attending a Heritage Caledon Committee meeting? All Council and Committee meetings are being held through a hybrid model with members of the public invited to view the meeting in-person or through the live stream available through the Council and Committee Calendar

Members of the public can also register to provide a delegation by completing the Participation Request Form

Heritage Caledon Award of Excellence 

The Heritage Caledon Award of Excellence was established by the Heritage Caledon Committee in 2011, to recognize individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution to heritage conservation and stewardship within the Town of Caledon. 

Year Recipients Contribution to Heritage Conservation 
2011 Ted Simmonds      Outstanding restoration of the c.1889 Kirkwood dry stone wall
2012 George & Lynda Berney Longstanding involvement in, support for, and stewardship of local heritage in Caledon East
2013 Mary & Gary Haslett Outstanding restoration of the c.1850s Mitchell-Haslett house
2014 Fay McCrea Longstanding commitment and tireless dedication to local heritage conservation and the collection of local history
2015 John & Helen Mason Dedicated stewardship of the Alexander Smith farm complex and longstanding involvement in the promotion of local heritage conservation
2016 Heather Broadbent Longstanding passion for and commitment to heritage preservation and stewardship in Caledon, the province and beyond
2017 Paul Morin Outstanding restoration and stewardship of the c.1870s Alton Town Hall
2017 Sam and Louanne Morra Retention and restoration of the c.1860s Graham/Robinson House
2019 Jimmy Pountney and Luci Verdile Dynamic support for revitalization of downtown Bolton and outstanding restoration of 11-13 Queen Street North
2022 Argo Caledon Development Corporation  Outstanding conservation of the Robert Wilson Farmhouse
2022 The Duffy Family  Exceptional passion in restoring the buildings and contextual landscape of the Duffy Homestead