Speak at Council

The Town of Caledon is offering a hybrid meeting model offering many ways for you to engage with Council.  To provide a delegation in-person or virtually to an item listed on an upcoming agenda, complete the participation form below. 

Register Now 


Register to delegate in-person or virtually and speak to an item listed on an upcoming agenda. Any written materials or comments submitted will be published to the agenda forming part of the public record. 

Watch the Meeting 

Members of the public can attend in-person and sit in the galley to watch a meeting.  Please note: Seating is limited and will be on first come basis.  

In addition, members of the public can watch meetings through the live stream available on the Town's website. 

Registration is not required for attending a meeting to watch or view the live stream. 

Request to Present at a Future Meeting

Is there a topic of interest that you would like to bring to Council's attention? If you are not looking to speak to an item listed on an upcoming Agenda, you can submit a request to Council to be invited to present at a future meeting. All presentation requests are subject to Council approval. 

Presentation Request Process
  1. Complete the Participation form. 
  2. Town staff will contact the requestor to confirm receipt of the form.
  3. The request will appear on upcoming agenda for Councils consideration.
  4. If the presentation request is approved, Town staff will schedule the presentation for a future Council meeting and will provide the requestor with the necessary meeting details and the deadline to submit any presentation materials.
  5. Review the etiquette guidelines prior to the meeting. 

 Live Stream

Watch Now!

Need Help?

Contact Council and Committee Services by e-mail at agenda@caledon.ca or by phone 905.584.2272 x. 2366 

Have you registered to speak at a meeting? 

Review the etiquette guidelines prior to the meeting. 

  • Members of the public are permitted ten (10) minutes to provide their delegation and are required to maintain a mutual respect and decorum. Measures will be taken to limit any interference.
  • When you are called upon to provide your delegation, you will be required to state your full name for the public record and it is recommended to address Council and Committee Members using their title followed by their surname, for example Mayor Thompson. 
  • You are encouraged to submit any materials to be included with the agenda package. Please submit all materials either through the registration for or via e-mail to agenda@caledon.ca.