Illegal Land Use: Trucking

The Town of Caledon is proud to be a leader in the commercial trucking industry.

Unfortunately, Caledon is facing an issue with illegal operations on lands that can’t be used for trucking purposes. This includes illegal trucking yards and parking vehicles on residential properties.

Here, you will find a comprehensive guide on illegal trucking operations. This Guide explains the by-laws, enforcement process, and how truck storage facilities can operate legally. 

How to Legally Store Trucks In Caledon

If you see something that you think is illegal or dangerous, please let us know so our enforcement officers can investigate.

Illegal Trucking: The Impact

There are rules for where and how truck storage facilities can operate. Breaking them results in harmful impacts.

Impacts include:

  • Environment: damaging sensitive soil and water

  • Farmland: paving over farmland

  • Pollution: air, light and noise pollution

  • Safety: large trucks on residential roads and near busy neighbourhoods

  • Town character: makes the town look unwelcoming

  • Quality of life: impacting property values and discouraging potential new residents

The Town is tackling illegal operations and is ensuring that the local trucking and real estate industries are clear about the rules.

About the By-Laws

In Caledon, truck storage facilities are only allowed on lands that are zoned for Serviced Industrial (MS) and Unserviced Industrial (MU). Visit to view the full Zoning By-law and zoning maps or reach out to the Town at or 905-584-2272 x. 4104 to confirm if a plot of land is properly zoned.

The property must also have Site Plan Approval before it can operate as a truck storage facility. The Town’s Planning department can help property owners with this application process. To learn more or to request a preliminary meeting contact 905.584.2272 ext. 7338 or

For more information on Industrial Zones, their requirements, and their permitted uses please see Section 8 – Industrial Zones of the Town’s Zoning By-Law.

For more information on how to legally store trucks in Caledon, view the Guide on How To Legally Store Trucks in Caledon Guide.

Town’s Actions

The Town investigates all reports of a suspected illegal trucking operations. If the Town’s by-laws aren’t followed, a Notice of Violation is given. Property owners will face fines if they don’t bring the property into compliance.

In more extreme cases, the Town will also pursue other actions:

  • Filing a court injunction

  • Charges against the property owners/operators

  • Concrete barriers to block property

For a list of the Town’s enforcement process and fine structure, view the Guide on How To Legally Store Trucks in Caledon.

How Residents Can Help 

To help Town staff, residents are encouraged to report suspected illegal facilities when they see them.

If you see a property that you believe is illegally, improperly, or unsafely storing trucks please contact Service Caledon by dialing 311 or by email at

Stay Informed

Updates on the Town’s efforts to enforce its zoning by-laws and discourage illegal trucking operations will be posted on the Town’s News and Notices webpage and on the Mayor’s blog.

Past news releases can be found here: