Mayfield West Secondary Plan

Mayfield West is a new community with residential development, employment lands, parks, schools, public open spaces and recreational facilities. Its development is guided by the Mayfield West Secondary Plan.

What's new

On October 26, 2021, Council adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 255 (OPA 255) to amend the Town's Official Plan to expand the Mayfield West Rural Service Centre boundary to include the Mayfield West Phase 2, Stage 2 lands. The amendment expands the settlement area by approximately 105 ha (260 ac) of net developable land, establishing land use designations and policies for a mixed-use community. The community will include the extension of street networks, the provision of parks, schools, trail connections and the efficient use of infrastructure. The amendment amends Section 7.14 of the Mayfield West Phase 2 Secondary Plan and various schedules of the Official Plan.

 Amendment Process

This Amendment is the result of a comprehensive planning process undertaken by the Town of Caledon to support the Mayfield West settlement area expansion to include the Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2 lands in the Town's Official Plan. 

 Supporting Studies

Guiding principles

Town Council approved nine guiding principles for the Mayfield West Secondary Plan. These principles are outlined in the Mayfield West Secondary Plan. The nine principles are:

  • Achieve net ecological gain, when practical, possible and advisable
  • Adopt an integrated design process
  • Foster a local identify rooted in the spirit of the Town of Caledon
  • Establish the structure of a close-knit small town that fosters self sufficiency
  • Achieve a range and mix of housing options
  • Promote walking, cycling and transit options
  • Maximize conservation and innovation
  • Ensure community connectivity and integration at all scales
  • Support adaptive change

Public consultations

We have hosted a series of public meetings to share information and provide an opportunity for you to offer your feedback. Contact us if you would like to review materials presented during past public consultations.

Past Updates

Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2 Minister’s Zoning Order 

On July 13, 2020, the Province issued a Ministerial Zoning Order for the Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2 lands. The reference map shows the boundaries of Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2. The boundaries of Stage 2 are described as: north of Mayfield Road, west of Hurontario/Hwy 410, east of Chinguacousy Road, and south of the Greenbelt lands. For more information visit Ontario Regulation 362/20 and Environmental Registry of Ontario (019-2090)

Map of Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2 Zoning

Official Plan Amendment 222

Several reports and proposed amendments to the Official Plan have resulted from the Mayfield West Secondary Plan process. Contact us to request a document.