Urban Design

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Urban design is the combination of architecture, landscape, and land use planning to design and build communities that are more liveable, vibrant, and sustainable




Urban design generally deals with the space around, between and within buildings that are publicly accessible. Urban design is more than just making places look aesthetically pleasing, it is about creating places and spaces that are functional and work for people of all ages and abilities.

Urban design draws together many different professional expertise to create processes that are mindful of the environmental, economic, social, and cultural aspects of planning and design.

The Benefits of Good Urban Design: 

  • Creates communities that are unique, attractive, livable, sustainable and respectful of their surrounding landscapes

  • Envisions well-designed urban spaces that improves physical and mental well-being and social connectedness

  • Establishes policies and guidelines for safe, complete and walkable communities, and instil a sense of pride and belonging among residents.

  • Develops vision for places to attract new businesses and revitalize existing ones

  • Improves access to employment, services, and community amenities

  • Creates frameworks and processes that facilitates the development of existing and new communities

Caledon is made up of many communities that have character and heritage unique to their landscapes. Urban Design acknowledges the unique identities of these village and hamlets and ties them together through our ‘Made in Caledon’ approach to ensure that new growth in new communities have a coherent and visually attractive design that fits within Caledon as a whole.

 Southfield Building

Urban Design Requirement

In order to maintain a high quality of architectural design, streetscape and landscaping in the Town of Caledon, all new developments are to review, reference and meet the requirements of the Town-Wide Design Guidelines. This is achieved through the development application process.

Town-Wide Design Guidelines

The Town's design guidelines provide sustainable and creative recommendations in both rural and urban Caledon that protect and enhance the natural environment. Design guidelines achieve this by accommodating future development and trends in architectural design and site plan development. Refer to the Town-Wide Design Guidelines and the following appendices before you submit a development application:

Design guidelines by Community

Although the Town-wide Design Guidelines are applicable for all of Caledon, there are some area-specific design guidelines that take precedence. These area specific design guidelines provide additional information based on researched Community Design Plans and Architectural Design Guidelines. Review the guidelines in each community.


For properties in Bolton, you should review the following guideline:

Caledon East

For properties in Caledon East, you should review the following design guidelines:

Mayfield West

For properties in Mayfield West, you should review the Mayfield West Phase I Community Design Plan and Phase II Community Design Plan. You should also review the following architectural guidelines:


For properties in Tullamore, you should also review the Secondary Plan Community Design Guidelines.