Brentwood Development Corporation

Town File No.: 21CDM-19001C

Location: 21 to 25 Dawn Lane, 2 to 21 Glasson lane, 2 to 23 Cosbury Lane, 1 to 19 Dawn lane.

  • (Location Map)

Ward: 2

Applications have been received for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and to amend the Town's Zoning By-law.

Description of Property

The subject lands are located on the Southwest corner of Newhouse Boulevard and Kennedy Road.

Purpose and Effect of the Applications

To establish a common elements condominium townhome development on the subject lands. The common elements will consist of the private roads, parking and amenity area, as illustrated on the plan below. A Part Lot Control application has also been submitted in conjunction with the application to create the individual parcels of tied land.


Under review


  • Notice of Application and Public Meeting - September 17, 2019 (pdf - 255 kb)

Materials Submitted in Support of the Application

  • Site Plan - dated June, 2017
  • Site Survey - dated May, 2018

For studies that are not available on line, the public may view (by appointment) the documents at Town Hall. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Planning and Development.