Council Work Plan

2018-2022 Town accomplishments

In March 2019, Council approved the 2018-2022 Council Work Plan setting its strategic priorities for the term – sustainable growth, connected community, improved service delivery and good governance.

In the last four years, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Council and staff worked together to support Caledon residents and businesses, bringing positive outcomes for the overall Caledon community. Despite these challenges, collectively the Town advanced the 2018-2022 Council Work Plan. In addition, other notable strategies, projects and initiatives were completed.

View the 2018-2022 Town Accomplishments document to learn more about our community’s progress.

Council work plan

Caledon's Council creates a Council Work Plan to set goals and strategic priorities for their term in office. These priorities guide all aspects of municipal activities, policies and procedures as well as the Town budget.

The 2018-2022 Council Work Plan is guided by our vision to make Caledon one of the most liveable and sustainable rural / urban communities in Canada.

Our current plan is built on four main pillars:

Sustainable growth

In order to ensure that our town grows sustainably, we will:

  • Continue to advocate for provincial highway infrastructure including the highway 427 extension and highway 413 (GTA West Corridor)
  • Complete a renewed Economic Development Strategy with a particular focus on employment land, small business support and the role of municipal staff
  • Complete the Official Plan Review including the Mayfield West Secondary Plan and Bolton Residential Expansion Study
  • Develop a housing plan that allows for increased community diversity
  • Continue the implementation of the Transportation Master Plan
  • Advance policies to the Government of Ontario that aid the repurposing of future decommissioned aggregate land
  • Continue the development of a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan
  • Enhanced civic campus including connecting paths

  • Bolton downtown revitalization (including re-zoning to allow for more mixed-use buildings)

  • Advance proactive infrastructure development solutions for growth management

  • Pursue intensification in concert with accessibility and public transit, Bolton GO Station and other transit hubs

Connected community

In order to foster a connected community, we will:

  • Enhance high-speed internet connectivity
  • Develop a five-year Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Framework including energy consumption facilities; corporate fleet and fuel use, water conservation strategies in facilities and parks
  • Actively promote tourism including our cultural and village main street assets
  • Seek opportunities to connect Caledon villages to help bridge the rural/urban divide
  • Support the agriculture and agribusiness industry including advocating for natural gas service extensions to agricultural properties
  • Promote community enrichment through support of local groups, enhances partnerships and events
  • Further explore arts and culture centre opportunities
  • Promote an age-friendly community through the formation of youth and senior retention plans
  • Understand community needs and provide services based on urban/rural differences

  • Discourage non-agricultural storage on rural land

  • Increase quality of life through shared experiences

  • Preserve heritage and natural areas

  • Break down barriers for volunteers and local community groups to enable and help empower volunteer groups

Improved service delivery

In order to improve service delivery, we will:

  • Improve roads and long-term planning that maintain road standards
  • Plan for improved stormwater management to reduce drainage issues
  • Build and maintain parks and green spaces
  • Plan and fund recreation infrastructure that meets the changing needs of the community
  • Explore community hub models for service delivery
  • Provide options for an innovation hub for residents, entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Apply a diversity lens (age, language, culture) throughout the Town’s operations and services

  • Develop a new brand for the Town of Caledon and enhance wayfinding

  • Promote locally provided mental health services

  • Significantly improve digital communication and digital service delivery

  • Expand customer service across facilities (eg. one-stop shop)

  • Increase education and awareness of available services and accessibility options

  • Improve and innovate business processes for better customer service and service delivery

  • Update and standardize by-laws, including implementation, to meet the best practices of other municipalities

Good governance

In order to follow the practices of good governance, we will:

  • Balance financial planning for both operating and capital budgets
    • Capital budget - balance aging infrastructure with growth-related infrastructure needs; and
    • Operating budget - balance current service levels with growth-related pressures
  • Investigate increased social procurement criteria
  • Review Council composition and ward boundaries
  • Implement and clearly communicate to the community an asset management plan
  • Push for policies that better cover the true cost of growth
  • Maintain an excellent financial position through healthy reserves and the ability to meet current liabilities with current assets

  • Manage reasonable community expectations

  • Introduce the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach

Contact us to request a copy of the Work Plan.