Tax Appeals

If there was a change to your property during the year that may impact your property taxes, you can file an appeal with us.

File a tax adjustment appeal

Property tax adjustments are regulated by Section 357 and 358 of the Municipal Act. You can apply to adjust your property taxes based on a significant change to your property that took place in the previous year. Complete the Application for Tax Appeal Form and send it to us by the last day of February. 

We will submit your application for appeal to MPAC on your behalf. You will receive a letter by mail from the Town explaining MPAC’s decision anywhere from 3 to 6 months after the date of application.


To be eligible for a tax adjustment, you must meet one of these criteria:

  • You've changed the use of the property, which may change the tax classification
  • You've changed the use of the property so the land has become exempt from taxes
  • A fire or demolition has razed or damaged a structure
  • You've removed a mobile home
  • You're repairing or renovating the property to prevent you from using the land normally for at least three consecutive months
  • A large error was made in the preparation of your assessment by MPAC; like an incorrect square footage, lot size or other factual error; but not errors in judgement in assessing the property

Only for a large clerical or factual error made by MPAC, you can include up to the last three years in your application.

Contact Service Caledon if you have any questions about tax appeals.