Caledon Fire and Emergency Services

In the case of an emergency, call 911.

Caledon Fire and Emergency Services works to keep the community safe. We have nine fire stations in Caledon and provide quick and efficient service. Learn more about our team and what we do. Stay informed: sign up to get our news releases, use report a problem to report a problem or submbit a complaint, or follow @CaledonFireES on Twitter.

Fire Safety

Caledon Fire and Emergency Services provides home safety tips and public education programs. Learn about fire safety and keep your family and community safe. Make sure that your home has working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

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Community Outreach Request

Fighting fires is just one aspect of the Caledon Fire & Emergency Service. We also offer school presentations, lectures to community organizations and workplaces. If you belong to a community group or organization and would like to have a fire safety presentation, or scheduling a community event, simply fill in this request form, or call us. Teaching the community of Caledon how to be fire safe is something we enjoy doing.

Fire Community Outreach Request Form

Emergency Preparedness
Emergencies can happen at any time and without warning. Be ready. With a little preparation, you can respond quickly to help yourself and others. Understand the risks in your area, create a household emergency plan and build an emergency kit. Learn more about emergency preparedness.
We inspect buildings to ensure they meet the Fire Code so that buildings are safe for their occupants.
Public education
Our many public education programs for community groups, schools, seniors and community events provide information and teach fire safety and prevention to children and adults. I encourage you to look for our displays.
Home safety
We will work with you to ensure your home is fire safe. Due to the increased use of plastic materials in furniture and home building products, fire has become more dangerous. In a fire, these materials emit extremely high heat and very toxic gases. You may have just seconds to safely escape a fire in your home. That's why early detection of fire is absolutely vital.
Escape plans
Develop a home fire escape plan and know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. Sit down with everyone in your household and discuss how each person will get out of the home in the case of a fire. Practice your escape plan with everyone in your home so that they can get out quickly.
Smoke alarms
Only working smoke alarms provide those precious seconds you and your family need to safely escape. It's the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas.
Carbon monoxide alarms

If your home contains a fuel burning appliance, fireplace or an attached garage, a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is required to be installed adjacent to each sleeping area in the house.

For optimum protection, it is recommended that additional CO alarms be installed in other levels and/or areas of the home that are in proximity to a CO source, subject to the distance limits provided in the product's instruction manual.

Replace your batteries
In order for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to do their job, they need to have working batteries. Once a year, old batteries should be replaced with new batteries. When you change your clocks, take the time to install new batteries in all alarms.