Manors of Belfountain Enterac

The Town of Caledon received an application for Draft Plan of Subdivision.

Current status

The Town is expecting to receive a revised submission to address comments provided on the second submission.

Property Description

The subject lands are 70.28 hectares (173.67 acres) in area and are located on the east side of Shaws Creek Road, south and east of Mississauga Road in the Hamlet of Belfountain.

  • Town File No.: 21T-91015C
  • Related File Number(s): NEC Development Permit: P/R/2017-2018/450
  • Project Name: Manors of Belfountain
  • Location : Part of the East Half and West Half of Lot 9, Concession 5 (WHS), Ward 1

Draft Plan of Subdivision

The draft plan of subdivision proposes to create:

  • 70 estate residential lots
  • 2.35 hectare (5.8 acre) park block
  • 18.16 hectare (44.86 acre) open space area on the northwest portion of the site

The residential lots would be serviced by individual private wells and wastewater (septic) systems.

Material Submitted in Support of the Application

Second Submission

The following documents were received in the second submission:

First Submission

For studies that are not available online, you may view the documents at Town Hall by appointment, in the Planning and Development Services Division.