Mayoral Decisions

The Mayor has special powers and duties under Part VI.1 of the Municipal Act.  These include powers to:

  • Bring matters to Council that advance certain Provincial priorities and veto any by-laws passed by Council that may interfere with the advancement of those priorities.
  • Create committees of Council, assign their functions and appoint the Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees of Council
  • Propose the Town’s budget subject to Council amendments, a Mayoral veto and a Council override process
  • Appoint and dismiss the Chief Administrative Officer as well as various leadership positions.
  • Direct Town staff in writing for certain purposes.

There are certain powers and duties the Mayor may choose to delegate.

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The Mayor is required to exercise those powers in writing and make them available to the public, subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Date               Number (Document)Subject Matter            


July 11, 2023               


To retain certain powers to determine the organizational structure of the Town and to hire certain Town officials

 July 26, 2023 2023-2   Approval of By-laws passed by Town Council at the July 26, 2023 Town Council Meeting   
 August 2, 2023  2023-3  To direct the Director, People Services of the Town of Caledon to implement the Mayor's powers as they relate to the revocation and appointment of the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town

Mayoral declarations under section 5.3 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires the Mayor to disclose any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, when exercising any of the power or duties assigned to them in Part VI.1 of the Municipal Act. Specifically, the Mayor:

  • shall, upon becoming aware of the interest in the matter, disclose the interest by filing a written statement of the interest and its general nature with the clerk of the municipality;
  • shall not use the power or exercise the duty with respect to the matter; and
  • shall not use their office in any way to attempt to influence any decision or recommendation of the municipality that results from consideration of the matter.
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