Plans Reports and Studies

At the Town of Caledon part of what we do is plan for the future to ensure we have the services and infrastructure our citizens need. We plan for services, transportation networks, housing options and more, while maintaining our built heritage and natural environment. Review our studies and reports to discover how we are planning for the future.

Age-related studies

We want to make sure you have the resources and services you need to age-in-place comfortably in the Town of Caledon. Our Age-Friendly Caledon Action Plan and Age-Friendly Planning Study explore housing, transportation and service options for older adult residents.


Our Rehabilitation Master Plan studies future land use and development for former aggregate lands.

Bolton studies

Bolton is one of the rural service centres in Caledon. In order to meet the changing needs of our community, the following studies have been initiated:

Council Work Plan

Caledon's Town Council has developed a Council Work Plan to help guide their decision-making throughout their term in office. Review the Council Work Plan to learn more about our budget and priorities now and in the future.

Housing Study

Caledon's population is growing and becoming much more diverse. We have conducted a Housing Study to identify housing gaps and find ways to develop diverse housing options.

Land use and growth studies

The following studies are recently completed or being conducted to look into land use and policy updates:

Transportation Studies

In order to effectively and efficiently move people, goods and services through our community, we've conducted a series of transportation studies. These studies analyze transit needs, traffic and congestion and different ways of getting around Caledon.