Budget and Finances

Town of Caledon Council approved the 2021 Budget during the Town Council meeting on February 16, 2021, which focuses on helping residents and businesses recover from the pandemic, maintaining community services and infrastructure and preparing for expected growth.

Typical 2020  Assessment of $655,000*
2020 Property Tax Bill Estimated 2021 Property Tax Bill  Estimated $ Change Estimated % Change
Town 2,427.06 2,459.55 32.49 1.34%
Broadband Levy 10.02 10.02 -   0.00%
Region** 1,775.87  1,802.49 26.62 1.50%
School Board 1,002.15 1,002.15 -   0.00%
Total 5,215.10 5,274.21 59.11 1.13%

*Based on the MPAC assessments from 2016 and the assessment values used for Property Tax Billing
**Regional budget is subject to change until their final 2021 tax levy by-law is approved

Past Budgets

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Financial statements

The Town also publishes annual financial statements, which provides Caledon's financial status including assets, liabilities, net worth, revenue and expenses. View our 2020 Financial Statements.

Past Financial Statements

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Performance measurements

The Ontario Municipal Act requires municipalities to provide statistical data about performance measurement. Review the Town of Caledon's most recent 2020 performance measurements.

Municipal Performance Measurement Program

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Annual reports

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