Subdivision Permission Application Form

The Subdivision Permission Application Form is to be submitted as part of the Subdivision application package. The Subdivision application process is administered by the Town’s Development Engineering division.

For all general questions related to the Subdivision application process please contact

Subdivision application fee as per the town’s fee bylaw. Link to fee bylaw section

Submission requirements for the Subdivision application package:

1)      Subdivision Clearance Matrix & supporting documentation

2)      Road Occupancy Permit                                                               

3)      Subdivision Project cost estimate                                                             

4)      Complete set of Engineering drawings                                   

5)      List of easements and land transfers                                                                       

6)      Noise attenuation statement     


Note: If any of the above document(s) have been submitted previously, and are still valid, you don’t need to include them as part of this application package. Please reference any such previous submissions on the application form.


Application Instructions:

  • Please complete all applicable fields and provide the completed form as part of the application package.
  • Please list all submissions included as part of the application package.
  • Incomplete, irrelevant, or missing information will delay the processing time.

Subdivision Permission Application Form