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The By-laws posted on the Town of Caledon web site are for reference purposes only. To obtain true and certified copies of by-laws, please contact Legislative Services at 905.584.2272 x. 2366.

For enforcement-related enquiries, please call 905.584.2272 x. 3462 or visit the Regulatory Services section for additional information.

To determine permitted uses and zoning on specific properties, please call 905.584.2272 x. 4104 or visit the Development Approvals and Planning Policy section for additional information.

Documents List
Apartment-in-House Registry View Document
Number: 98-86
Summary: To Provide for the registration of two-unit houses. The by-law gives the municipality the authority to refuse to register a two-unit house if the house does not comply with the by-law provisions and/or the Town may also revoke a registration where the house has ceased to comply with these standards.
Building By-law View Document
Number: 2011-156
Summary: To govern the issuance and administration of building permits and related matters.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2000-14
Summary: To require and regulate the installation and maintenance of Carbon Monoxide detectors in residential dwelling units.
Clean Yards View Document
Number: 2016-063
Summary: To regulate maintenance and care of land.
Development Charges (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2014-54
Summary: To impose and provide for the payment of development charges for municipal services in the Town of Caledon.
Dumping on Private or Municipal Property View Document
Number: 87-100
Summary: To prohibit the placement of refuse and debris on private and municipal property.
Election Sigs View Document
Number: 2013-132
Summary: To regulate Election Signs
Exhibitions View Document
Number: 2006-019
Summary: To regulate outdoor concerts and festivals where musical entertainment is provided and a fee is charged for admission.
Fees and Charges (consolidation) View Document
Date: Sunday, January 01, 2017
Number: 2016-102
Summary: To establish 2017 Fees and charges for services provided by the Town and planning applications.
Fences (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2005-36
Summary: to prescribe the height and description of lawful fences in the Town of Caledon and to exempt the Town of Caledon from the Line Fences Act
Fill (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2007-059
Summary: To prohibit and regulate the placing or dumping of fill, the storage and removal of topsoil and the alteration of the grade of land on all properties located within the Town of Caledon.
Firearms (consolidation) View Document
Number: 89.63
Summary: To regulate the discharge of firearms within the Town.
Fireworks View Document
Number: 2009-097
Summary: To regulate and prohibit the sale and discharge of Fireworks and to provide for the issuance of permits for the sale and discharge of Fireworks.
Fortificaton of Land View Document
Number: 2004-205
Summary: To regulate the Fortification of Land and to Prohibit Excessive Fortification of Land and to Prohibit the Application of Excessive Protective Elements to Land within the Town of Caledon.
Idling of Motor Vehicles View Document
Number: 2014-078
Summary: To control and limit the unnecessary idling of motor vehicles
Late Payment Charges (consolidation) View Document
Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Number: 2011-058
Summary: To provide for the imposition of late payment charges for non-payment of taxes
Leash Free Park View Document
Number: 2006-128
Summary: To designate a Leash Free Park and to regulate the public use of the Leash Free Park.
Licensing and Regulation of various Businesses (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2013-127
Summary: To provide for the licensing and regulation of various businesses in the Town.
Motor Vehicle Racing (consolidation) View Document
Number: 83-79
Summary: To prohibit the holding of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Races in the Town of Caledon.
Municipal Numbering View Document
Number: 2016-064
Summary: To provide for municipal numbering of lots, buildings and units.
Noise View Document
Number: 86-110
Summary: To restrict the making of certain noises likely to disturb the peace and quiet of residents in residential areas.
Nuisance View Document
Number: 95-67
Summary: To restrict any shouting, unusual noises (i.e. radio, television, loud speaker or similar devices) and any other noises likely to disturb the peace, quiet or comfort of any person in any dwelling unit, apartment, hotel or any other form of residence located within the Town of Caledon.
Nuisance/Vibrations View Document
Number: 2008-31
Summary: To regulate vibrations and nuisances.
Open Air, Recreational and Agricultural Fires View Document
Number: 2016-092
Summary: To regulate open air, recreational and agricultural fires
Parkland Dedication View Document
Number: 2013-104
Summary: To require the conveyance of land for park or other public recreation purposes or the payment of cash-in-lieu thereof, as a condition of the development or redevelopment of land.
Parks (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2005-112
Summary: To provide for the regulation, maintenance and protection of parks in the Town of Caledon.
Peel Outdoor Smoking By-law (Region of Peel By-law) View Document
Number: 20-2013
Summary: To prohibit smoking within nine metres of playground areas, outdoor recreational facilities and within nine metres of the entrances and exits to municipal buildings. For more information about this By-law, please contact Region of Peel - Public Health by phone 905-584-2272 ext, 4303 or email
Pool Enclosure View Document
Number: 2016-091
Summary: To regulate enclosures for privately owned outdoor Swimming Pools
Procedural (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2015-108
Summary: To provide for the rules of order of Council and its Committees
Property Standards (consolidation) View Document
Number: 98-155
Summary: To provide minimum requirements for the maintenance and occupancy of buildings, properties and vacant lots within the Town of Caledon.
Purchasing (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2013-107
Summary: To adopt the Town’s Purchasing Policy.
Regulation and Keeping of Animals View Document
Number: 2013-130
Summary: To regulate the keeping of Animals in the Town.
Road Occupancy View Document
Date: Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Number: 91-86
Summary: A by-law to regulate the encumbering of highways during construction or repair.
Signs (consolidation) View Document
Number: 1994-14
Summary: To regulate signs
Stock Car Races, Go-Carts, Drag Strips View Document
Number: 75-36
Summary: To regulate stock car races, go-carts and drag strips of any kind.
Tax Assistance Program (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2015-019
Summary: To grant assistance to eligible property Owners who are elderly residents or persons with disabilities.
Traffic (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2015-058
Summary: To regulate the use of highways and parking on highways.
Vital Services View Document
Number: 98-151
Summary: To require that every property owner must provide vital services such as heat, hydro and potable water to rental units.
Woodland Conservation (consolidation) View Document
Number: 2000-100
Summary: To regulate or prohibit the destruction of trees in woodlands.
Zoning 2006-50 View Document
Number: 2006-50
Summary: For more detail, including full text of the Zoning By-law, maps and references, please visit
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