Traffic Calming

Traffic calming involves implementing various safety measures to reduce speed and encourage safe driving for all road users. It can also help reduce traffic. The main objective of traffic calming measures are to: 

  • Reduce the speed of traffic
  • Reduce collision severity and frequency
  • Improve safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Enhance safety of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Increase the quality of rural and urban life

Traffic calming measures are implemented in both new developments and existing neighbourhoods, and may include:

  • Roadway Narrowing (e.g. vertical centerline treatment, pavement marking)
  • Education (e.g. speed display devices)
  • Pavement Marking and surface treatment (e.g. ‘Slow Down’ written on the pavement)
  • Horizontal changes in the road (e.g. roadway narrowing, chicanes, islands)
  • Vertical changes to the road (e.g. speed humps, raised intersections)
  • Enforcement

Traffic calming may not be appropriate for every road and requests for traffic calming will be evaluated individually according to the Town's Traffic Calming Strategy. Check out some of the traffic calming measures being currently used in the Town. 

Submit a Traffic Calming Request

If your neighbourhood regularly experiences high traffic speed, please submit a traffic calming request. For any urgent safety issues or impaired driving concerns, please call 9-1-1.

Traffic Calming Request Form

Once you submit the Traffic Calming request form, staff will review it to assess what action can be taken. Staff may be required to visit the location of the issue for further investigation, which may include assessing traffic speed and volume. From there staff will decide if a traffic calming measure is warranted and applicable to the road. A letter will be sent back to whomever submitted the initial form with an update.