Road Permits

The Town of Caledon has different permits to suit your needs based on your event or project.

Share the Road and Road Closure Permit

Learn about how to apply for a share-the-road or road closure permit. You will need this type of permit to share or close a road for an event or construction work.

Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit

If you are doing work on a town-owned right of way such as a road, sidewalk or boulevard, you will need a right-of-way occupancy permit.

Encroachment Permit

Any encroachment that is not a Minor Encroachment is considered to be a Major Encroachment and is only permitted by obtaining an Encroachment Permit. Major Encroachments may include the installation of entrance gates/pillars, fences or other ornamental type of features such as landscaping rocks, address identifiers, school bus shelters, etc. Encroachment Permit applications are reviewed by the Operations Department and may also require further review from the Engineering Department. Beginning on May 8, 2023, homeowners will be able to apply for an Encroachment Permit by submitting an application that includes a non-refundable $530.45 fee.

Encroachment Permit Form