Report a Problem

There are different ways to report a problem or submit a complaint. It depends on the type of problem or complaint. If you are not sure which method to use please contact us. 

Something need fixing? Let us know!

Pothole? Litter? Streetlight out? Help us keep Caledon clean and in good working order!

Click on the “Report a Problem” button below to fill out a service request. Your ticket will be logged immediately upon submission and we will dispatch crews as quickly as possible.

Report a Problem

Thank you for using our Report a Problem feature and keeping our community safe.

Please note the Report a Problem feature does not accommodate anonymous complaints. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call 311 to speak to a Service Caledon representative.

By-law complaints

All property owners must make sure that their properties comply with Town by-laws and ensure all buildings, structures and yards are kept clean, tidy and free of any garbage or waste.

If you are concerned your neighbour is not following our standards, you can send a complaint to Municipal Law Enforcement by email or phone 905-584-2272 extension 7750.

Please note that we do not investigate anonymous complaints.

Please be prepared to provide the following information if you would like to file a complaint:

  • Full name
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Address of the property you wish to lodge a complaint against

It is important to provide as much detail as possible regarding the violation such as

  • description of vehicle, animal or person involved in the incident,
  • approximate window of time/date when the violation occurred,
  • nature of the complaint,
  • description of the event, etc.

Lack of information may result in delays in response time and resolution.

Loitering, trespassing and criminal activity

If your complaint concerns loitering, trespassing, noise related to domestic disputes, vandalism, or other possible criminal activity, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police

Formal complaints

If you have a concern about a Town program, facility, employee or have experienced service delivery that does not meet your satisfaction, you can seek a resolution by providing a complaint. 

Before providing a complaint

We recommend that you contact Service Caledon to discuss the issue. If a resolution can't be reached, you can choose to submit a formal complaint.

Submitting a formal complaint

You may submit a formal complaint using our Complaint Submission Form to have Town staff review and address your concern. 

Contact us for a Complaint Submission Form

Once you complete the form you can email it to us, deliver it in person to Legislative Services at Town Hall (3rd floor), 6311 Old Church Road, or mail it to:

The Town of Caledon
Attn: Town Clerk
6311 Old Church Rd
Caledon ON L7C 1J6

Submitting a complaint on someone else's behalf

If you are representing someone (including a family member) as an agent or contact person, make sure that they complete a Complaint Representative Submission Form and send it along with the complaint form. Request this document.

Our complaint process

The Town of Caledon is committed to continuous improvement. We handle complaints respectfully, transparently, and as quickly as possible.

After you submit your complaint, the Town Clerk or designate forwards it to the appropriate staff for resolution.

We treat the information that you send as confidential to protect your privacy; however, while investigating a complaint, the circumstances may indirectly identify you.

Once we complete our investigation, we will inform you of any action resulting from your complaint.