Road Construction Projects

We know how important our roads infrastructure is to you. Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more about how roads are assessed, when road repairs are scheduled and which roads the Town and the Region of Peel are typically responsible for.

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 Current projects Map

Future projects (five-year forecast)

Our five-year road rehabilitation forecast for 2020 to 2024 includes

  • asphalt removal and replacement,
  • curb and gutter/sidewalk repair,
  • grading works within the right of way to improve drainage, as well as
  • design and construction of roads to accommodate growth. 

Please note: bridge rehabilitation is not included in the list. The forecast is based on current data and budget allocations.

Road rehabilitation and reconstruction priorities are subject to change based on: 

  • Annual Council budget approval
  • Unexpected deterioration observed in the biennial Town Road Assessment
  • Emergencies
  • Safety issues
  • Drainage Issues
  • Coordination with other agencies such as the Region of Peel, MTO, etc.


  • ADT - Average Daily Traffic - The average number of vehicles two-way passing a specific point in a 24 hour period
  • PCI - Pavement Condition Index - A numerical index between 0 and 100 which is used to indicate the general condition of a pavement

***Updated July 27, 2022


 Current Projects List

 Boston Mills Road and Bridge Rehabilitation

St Andrews Rd Emergency Culvert Replacement 

Region of Peel Project: 

Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation on King Street East, Bolton


 How does the Town decide which roads to upgrade or fix?
Roads are assessed in two different ways:
  • Based on minimum maintenance standards, each of Caledon’s roads has a classification between 1 and 5. A road is patrolled between three times every seven days (class 1), to once every 30 days (class 5). Operations uses these patrol records to ensure that roads are maintained at an appropriate service level.
  • An in-depth roads assessment is carried out every year for all of Caledon’s paved roads. The assessment uses a vehicle which has a number of different types of instruments to scan roads. It provides a rating based on the number and frequency of defects encountered (pot holes, cracking, rutting, etc.).
Based on the allowed budget, staff then determine which roads are to be fixed depending on
road conditions, amount of use/traffic on a given road, approximate time needed for road repair.
When are roads fixed?
Work is scheduled for the season, typically from April – November.
What happens if road repairs are needed, but the particular road is not part of the Town’s plan?
Sometimes roads that may not be considered for repairs require attention due to heavy use. Staff may issue emergency repairs as needed.
Is the Town responsible for all road construction in Caledon?
The Town, Region of Peel and Ministry of Transportation are jointly responsible for road repairs
in Caledon.