Caledon is a well-known destination for cyclists, with both recreational trails and challenging road routes. Explore our many trails and get active while cycling in Caledon.

Did you know? The Town of Caledon was awarded a bronze level designation, as a Bicycle Friendly Community by Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

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Cycling Routes and Trails

Planning your next ride? Caledon has over 260 km of publicly accessible trails and paths:

View our Caledon Cycling Routes and Trails Map. Learn more about our Caledon trails and paths.

Additional cycling maps: 

Cycling Safety

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, a bicycle is a vehicle. This means that you have to obey all traffic laws when cycling. Before heading out, check out Ontario's Guide to Safe cycling for a quick refresher on bike safety.

When cycling on trails, bike routes or roads, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Respect other trail and road users

  • Keep right and pass on the left

  • Give audible warning and use caution when passing

  • Hikers and cyclists should yield to horseback riders

  • Stop and look before crossing roads

  • Stay on the trail

  • Ride in a straight line, at least 1 meter away from parked or travelling vehicles

  • Limit group size

  • Maintain space for vehicles in between different groups 


Additional Resources

Cycling Clubs, Organizations, and Bike Shops

Take part in one of the cycling clubs and community groups that exist the Caledon area:

Outdoor Bike Repair Stations

There are seven bike repair stations in Caledon, located at:


  • Bolton - Humber Valley Heritage Trail, West side of Humber Lea Road
  • Bolton - Humber River Centre
  • Belfountain - Belfountain Community Centre
  • Caledon East - Caledon Trailway, East side of Airport Road
  • Cheltenham - Caledon Trailway, West side of Creditview Road
  • Palgrave - South side of Brawton Drive and Wallace Avenue
  • Southfields - Southfields Community Centre, pedestrian entrance facing Kennedy Road

These stations are designed for the everyday user in case of a minor bicycle maintenance emergency.  Stands are equipped with bike repair tools you need to get back on the ride, including:

  • Pump (for both schrader and presta valves)
  • Allen Keys
  • Screw Driver
  • Spoke Tool
  • Tire Lever
  • Cone Wrench