Community Grants

The Town's grant programs help community groups, not-for-profits, schools, agricultural organizations and other community-minded groups undertake initiatives, projects, activities or events that benefit the community. This includes grants for heritage properties, environmental projects and more. 

For business-related grants and incentives, visit our Economic Development website.

Business grants and incentives

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Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament Event Information

Join the Mayor and Members of Council at the picturesque TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, to raise critical funds for this year's primary recipient, Abbeyfield House Caledon.

Abbeyfield House Caledon is in desperate need of a new roof on their building. Abbeyfield is an international non-profit society dedicated to providing seniors with affordable, companionable and safe housing in a family-sized household within their local community. Throughout the pandemic, it has become clear that Caledon needs to support our seniors, and what more noble of an endeavour with this year's tournament than literally "putting a roof over their heads".

Download the 2022 CCCGT Sponsorship Brochure 

 CCCGT Sponsorship Package


  View the CCCGT Brochure

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For more information, contact Tournament Coordinator: Kevin Hayashi / 416.571.8356

 Event Schedule

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
8:30am - Registration, Breakfast, Range opens and Foursome Photo
9:30am - Shotgun start
3:00pm - Post round reception
4:30pm - Dinner, Auction and Prizes

Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament scholarship and grants

Is your local not-for-profit organization scheduled to complete a specific and measurable community capital project?  Then the Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament grant or scholarship program is right for you.

For more information about the Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament, see the Golf Tournament Committee.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 Caledon Council Community Golf Tournaments were cancelled.

Without the fundraising from the 2020/ 2021 events, the Doug and Doreen Beffort Legacy Scholarship Award and Secondary Grant Stream will not be available in 2022. All grant fulfillment is dependent on the fundraising related to the Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament. If the 2022 event is cancelled, there will be no funding available for the grant program. 

The 2022 Primary Grant recipient application has closed, stay tuned for the 2023 Primary and Secondary Grant applications to open in Winter 2022.

Primary Grant

Primary grant recipients will receive the majority of the net funds raised from the golf tournament.

The Primary Grant application window closed on Sunday February 6, 2022 at 11:59pm.
The Secondary Grant application is closed at this time.


To be eligible for the primary grant, you must be a non-profit organization that:

  • Is located in Caledon or provides services for Caledon residents
  • Requires funding for a community capital project
Applicants not eligible for funding

The following organizations are not eligible:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Foundations; unless hosting a fundraiser for a registered charity
  • Groups or organizations of a religious nature; unless hosting a local, non-denominational event
  • Groups or organizations linked with a political party or event
  • Hospitals or any of its foundations, auxiliary groups or agencies
  • Organizations not in good standing or in litigation with the Town
  • Local boards of the Town
What to include with your application
  • Your organization's mandate including your purpose, mission, goals and objectives
  • Purpose of the grant and/or scope of the project, including how it will benefit the community
  • Timeline for the project, including expected start and completion dates
  • A summary budget of the project, including income, expenses and net income/loss
  • List of other sources of funding for the project, including any funding received from the Town
  • List of board of directors, if applicable
  • How you will recognize the Town's grant contribution (i.e. promotional materials, banners, etc.)

As a primary grant applicant, you will enter into an agreement with the Town outlining the:

  • Overall project timeline
  • Grant specified project timeline
  • Additional fundraising details
  • Schedule of payments
  • Scope of the project
  • Project completion report due date

Secondary grant recipients must submit proof of expenses paid to the Town by December 1 of the year you receive funding.

For both primary and secondary grant recipients, you must recognize the Town's grant contribution at your event and on all promotional material.

Project reporting and holdbacks

A percentage of the grant will be paid after all events occur:

  • Council approves the golf tournament financials
  • The grant agreement is signed
  • Proof of reaching your fundraising goal stated in your application is received

The remaining percentage of the grant will be paid after receipt and approval of a project completion report. The report will include a list of all the paid and to be paid expenses the grant will cover. The Town may ask for proof of expenses paid.


Apply now - Primary Grant

If you have any questions about the golf tournament scholarship or grants, please contact the Municipal Grants division.

Municipal, agricultural and community grants

The Town of Caledon's Municipal, Agricultural and Community Grant (MACG) Program is intended to support organizations with goals and objectives that support the Council Work Plan.

Apply now

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Is your not-for-profit community organization planning an event or working on a new project that will enrich the lives of Caledon residents? Does your organization support activities that serve our community? Then, the municipal, agricultural and community grant is right for you.

New for 2022

Through the Community Recovery Plan, a total of $190,000 is available through the MACG program to provide additional support to community organizations. Modifications have been made to the MACG application and evaluation tool to provide more flexibility for applicants to address COVID-19 specific community needs.

Groups that received 2021 MACG funding can spend these funds on 2022 activities and events if as a result of the pandemic had to cancel events and activities.

What to include with your application

  • Your annual organizational operating budget, including how grant funds will be used
  • If applying for category 3 and 4, you may provide a summary budget for the event
  • If applying for category 1 and 2, you must submit your prior years' financial statements (reviewed or audited)

Your non-profit organization's goals and objectives must align with Caledon's Council work plan and:

  • Be community-based, representing your interests and those of the communities you serve
  • Maintain a historical and community link between agricultural, rural and urban communities

Applicants not eligible for funding

The following organizations are not eligible:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Foundations; unless hosting a fundraiser for a registered charity
  • Groups or organizations of a religious nature; unless hosting a local, non-denominational event
  • Groups or organizations linked with a political party or event
  • Hospitals or any of its foundations, auxiliary groups or agencies
  • Educational institutions, including universities, colleges, schools and associated auxiliary groups
  • Organizations not in good standing or in litigation with the Town
  • Organizations hosting an event that is not open to the general public
Funding categories

You must choose one funding category per application form. You may submit more than one application form per year, each for a different event.

Category 1: sustaining/continuing support
Funding is for activities that help you serve the community's ongoing operations. Priority is given if you maintain a historical and community link between agricultural, rural and urban communities.
Category 2: project-based/one-time support
Funding is for your specific and measurable community-based project or program. Priority is given if you maintain a historical and community link between agricultural, rural and urban communities.
Category 3: event funding support
Funding is for a public event where you add value to the entire community. The event must be open to the general public and may be held at a Town-owned facility or another location. Fundraisers are eligible if there is proof of a charitable organization number. Funding can cover event costs, such as marketing, insurance, catering, etc.
Category 4: public venue access
Funding is for access to Town-owned indoor and outdoor recreation facilities to run your activities and public events. Your activities/events must enrich the lives of Caledon residents, and cannot be the same as the Town's recreation offerings. Applications for this category are for activities or events held at Town-owned facilities only.



All applicants must supply a budget with their applications including an estimate of income and expenses. If you are applying for event funding support or public venue access, you may provide a summary budget for the event if an operating budget is not available.

Please identify any impacts to our organization resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic including: increased demand, increased costs, decreased revenues or reduced fundraising capabilities.

 Sample Budget
Income Total

Grant Funding






Ticket Sales


Total Income: $4,500.00 (A) 



Materials & Supplies




Rental Equipment


Marketing & Promotions




Total Expenses: $4,000.00 (B) 

Surplus / (Deficit): $500.00 (C = A - B)
Application evaluation

Your application will be evaluated by the Municipal, Agricultural and Community Grant Review Committee. The committee will use a staff evaluation tool to check if you are eligible and to rank your application. Grant funds will be allocated based on the overall ranking of the application.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applications must meet all of the following requirements (all need to be yes or N/A to be eligible):

  • Non-profit organization

  • Not a foundation that raises funds for another organization and their associated groups of agencies (fundraisers for registered charities are permitted)

  • Not a group or organization of a religious nature (religious groups hosting an event or activity for the community that is non-denominational in nature are eligible)

  • Not a group or organization affiliated with any political party or event

  • Not a hospital, hospital foundation, or hospital auxiliary group or agency

  • List of board members included if applicable

  • Not a direct duplication of Town services and programs

  • Complete submission of supporting documents

    • Categories 1 & 2: Financial Statements & Budget

    • Categories 3 & 4: Budget and Agree to Insurance

Staff Evaluation Criteria


Question # Description


Organization's purpose is in line with the Town's Council Work Plan. (applicant must have a minimum score of 2 to receive funding)

  • Increase quality of life through shared experiences
  • Actively promote culture, tourism and the arts
  • Understand community needs; connect Caledon villages - bridging the rural/urban divide; support Agriculture and Agribusiness industry
  • Preserve heritage and natural areas
  • Community enrichment through local groups, partnerships and events; empower volunteer groups; youth/seniors
  • Score one additional point if the application is related to COVID-19 pandemic recovery - if the organization has seen an increase in demand for services related to COVID-19


Funding will be used appropriately.

  • Funding meets the purpose of the category
  • Funding be used for purposes that support the whole community
  • Funding will support the organization’s sustainability throughout the pandemic recovery


The purpose of the organization, project, and/or public event has clear objectives, targets, and outcomes.


Is the funding for a one-time event to commemorate a milestone? (eg. Canada's 150 anniversary)


(For Category 1 only)

Funding sustainability

  • Diverse funding base
  • Sustainable organization
  • Provided budget that indicates a good plan
  • Has the organization had an increase in costs due to the pandemic?


(For Category 2, 3, and 4 only)

Ability to self-finance event/project

  • Is this a start-up organization and/or new initiative?
  • Are grant funds required to fund the event/project?
  • Has the organization had a decrease in revenues or fundraising capacity due to the pandemic?


Received other support or funding from the Town of Caledon in the year the application is submitted:

  • Funding for 2020/2021 event/project cancelled due to COVID-19
  • Green Fund
  • Golf Tournament
  • Heritage
  • Community Service Agreement
  • Affiliation status
  • Other
Matrix Scoring

Note: The proponent’s score % is calculated out of a maximum score of 21.

Question Matrix Score: 0 Matrix Score: 1 Matrix Score: 2 Matrix Score: 3 Proponent’s Score


Do not align

Minimal alignment

Similar alignment

In true alignment



Funding does not align

Funding somewhat aligns

Majority of funding aligns

Funding fully aligns



Purpose and objectives not specified

Purpose and objectives somewhat specified

Purpose and objectives mostly specified

Purpose and objectives are clear and well specified



Timing of project not contingent on current year



Timing of project contingent on current year



(Only for Category 1)

Not sustainable

Somewhat sustainable

The majority of funds are sustainable


Please select


(Only for Category 2, 3, and 4)

Ability to self-finance project

Able to self-finance the majority of the project

Somewhat able to self-finance project

Inability to self-finance project



Received 3+ other financial supports from the Town

Received 2 other financial supports from the Town

Received 1 other financial support from the Town

No other financial support from the Town



If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to submit a completion report to measure the outcomes of the events and identify how the project or event met the goals and objectives outlined in your application.


Upon submitting the online application, if you do not receive an email confirmation that your application has been successfully received please contact us. This email confirmation will include a PDF copy of your completed application.

If you have any questions about the municipal, agricultural or community grants, please contact us the Municipal Grants division.

Community Green Fund - Program Under Review

Are you a local not-for-profit or volunteer organization with a project that will enhance and preserve the local environment? Then the community green fund is right for you. 

Please note the Green Fund Program is currently under review, and will have a delayed application window until Fall 2022.

Apply for the community green fund

You can apply for the community green fund through the project funding stream, or the fast track funding stream.

You can receive up to $5,000 through the project funding stream and up to $1,000 through the fast track funding stream.

The 2021 Community Green Fund application window is now closed.

Submission Deadlines

The submission deadlines for the 2021 Community Green Fund are now closed.


To be eligible for the grant you:

  • Must be a not-for-profit or volunteer-led organization with a formal organizational structure; board of directors and/or executive;
  • Cannot apply for the Town's municipal, agricultural community grant for the same project; 
  • Applicants must be based in Caledon and/or serve Caledon residents
  • If your organization already receives funding from the Town, the Community Green Funds must be used for a new and unrelated project.
Funding Streams

Project Funding Stream

  • Up to $5,000 of funding available
  • Two-stage application process:
    • Pre-screening phase requires a letter of intent submission 
    • Successful applicants will be invited to submit a Full Application
  • Funds are provided for the delivery of a program, project or hosting an event

Fast Track Funding Stream

  • Up to $1,000 of funding available 
  • One-stage application process, no letter of intent required
  • Funds are provided for small budget projects or events with time constraints, or to cover costs for the development of a proposal for a larger project
What to include in your application

For both the fast track funding and the project funding stream, you'll need to submit with your application form:

  1. Financial statements from previous years
  2. List of board members and/or executive and staff members; including qualifications and/or brief biographies
  3. Work plan, strategic document, annual report or recent funding proposal; if not easily available, other information may be considered
  4. Additional information such as: media clippings, brochures, etc. (optional)
  5. Letters of support from other contributing financial or in-kind partners (optional)
Project requirements

All eligible projects must:

  • Have a clear environmental focus (i.e. air, climate change, energy, waste, water, green economy, natural heritage, etc.)
  • Engage with the community
  • Specify projected outcomes (i.e. community involvement, behaviour change, improved park aesthetic, etc.) and outputs (i.e. number of visits or services, events, resources or tools, etc.)
  • Include a monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Provide meaningful, measurable results (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions reductions, energy savings, number of citizens engaged, etc.)
  • Support the Town's environmental plans and policies
  • Use funding within one year of receipt
  • Return any unspent funds at the end of the project
  • Team with other community groups and organizations (encouraged, not required)
Project reporting and holdbacks

Project Funding Stream

  • Submit an interim progress report and a final report to communicate your results and report back on the funds spent.
  • We will hold back 15-20% of your funding until we receive your final report

Fast Track Funding Stream

  • Submit a final report to communicate your results and report back on the funds spent
  • We will hold back 10% of your funding until we receive your final report.
Application evaluation

Applications will go through different stages of evaluation before funding is granted.

Application screening

Town staff will review your required documents in submission with your letter of intent or full application, including your organization's work plan or strategic documents, board members, executive staff members, etc. to ensure you meet the Community Green Fund's eligibility requirements.

Application evaluation

The Environment Committee will review applications using a checklist and/or matrix that relies on a point system. Successful projects must meet all eligibility requirements. The funding recipients will be selected based on the application and eligibility.

Council approval

All Community Green Fund grant recipient recommendations will go to Council for final approval. Successful applicants will sign a funding contribution agreement outlining the grant conditions.

School Green Fund

Are you a local public or catholic school in Caledon and looking to green your classroom or school?

The School Green Fund could provide you up to $2,000 to complete your project!

Before you apply:


You can apply to receive up to $2,000, to complete an environmental project at your school if you are a successful applicant. Contact us to request a copy of the School Green Fund application guide.


What to include with your application

  1. Summary description of the project
  2. Description of how the project supports the Town’s environmental plans and policies (i.e. the Community Climate Change Action Plan)
  3. Specific expected outcomes of the project
  4. Engagement plans to generate school-wide involvement (all students should benefit from the project even if initiated by a small group)
  5. Project timeline
  6. Project budget (list all project costs and how you will use the funds)
  7. Catholic school only: a signed support letter or email from the Catholic School Board’s Grant Committee
  8. Public school only: proof of approval from the school’s designated Facility Manager
  9. Additional information i.e. media clippings, additional research etc.

Letters of support from the School Board, partnering community organizations or others

Submission deadlines

The application deadline for the 2021/2022 School Green Fund is now closed. 


To be eligible your school must:

  • Be a school in Peel District School Board or the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
  • Only receive one grant per school year
  • Use the funding within a year of the project approval
Project examples
Waste Management
  • Removal of waste that adversely affects Caledon's ecological health
  • Waste reduction and diversion
  • Food waste prevention
  • Reduction of single-use plastics (i.e. water refill station project)
Active Transportation
  • Bike rack installation
  • Bike/walk event at school
  • Awareness and education campaigns
Habitat Restoration
  • Nest building (for bees, birds, butterflies)
  • Raising and releasing fish and/or water invertebrates
Energy Conservation and Monitoring
  • Equipping classrooms with energy monitors and challenging classes to 'audit' consumption
  • Holding awareness or 'power down' events throughout the school year
  • Mini solar projects
Greening School Grounds and Eco-Gardens
  • Native and drought-resistant plant gardens
  • Tree planting
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Rain gardens
Local Food Awareness
  • Indoor food growing projects
  • Outdoor veggie boxes or vegetable garden beds
  • Compost boxes and gardens
Environmental Education


Project reporting and holdbacks

Successful applicants must submit an interim progress update and final report to receive the full grant amount. 

School Green Fund holdbacks

Grant Amount

Hold Back

$1,000 and under 10%
Over $1,000 20%

Apply now

Contact us to request an alternative version of the above documents.