Caledon's Strategic Plan 2023-2035

Caledon’s 2023-2035 Strategic Plan is a plan for everyone. Informed by contributions from the community, Council and staff, it is a plan that represents the qualities of Caledon we want to maintain as we grow, and what we commit to doing to offer the best of rural and urban life for current and future residents, businesses and visitors.

Download and read Caledon's 2023-2035 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is governed by four priority areas:

  • enhanced transportation and mobility
  • environmental leadership
  • community vitality and livability
  • service excellence and accountability

We heard from you! With over 4,600 visits to our Have Your Say Strategic Plan webpage, over 600 submissions to our online surveys and idea board, engagement with over 30 activities and input from residents of various agesgendersracesincomes and wards, the 2023-2035 Strategic Plan was made by Caledon, for Caledon. 

In January 2024, the Town of Caledon was awarded its second platinum level certification from the World Council on City Data for the implementation of ISO 37120 (Indicators for Sustainable Cities) standards. This means that Caledon’s data is of the highest quality and in conformity with the globally standardized definitions and methodologies. Review Caledon’s data-driven insights and read our media release to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are strategic plans important?

The Strategic Plan:  

  • aligns Council and staff behind a common set of outcomes for the community;

  • assists in prioritizing resources (time and money) in order to improve value;

  • maps out activities required to achieve goals beyond one term of Council; and 

  • provides a tool and specific measures the Town can use to hold itself accountable.

How does the strategic plan impact me?

Residents and businesses played a critical role ensuring the strategic plan is reflective of the needs of the community. The Strategic Plan governs municipal priorities, actions and initiatives for the next 12 years.

Who participated in the development of the strategic plan?
The community (residents, businesses, schools, community groups, etc.), Council and Town staff (administration).
How is the plan being implemented?

Each term of Council, a new set of actions will be proposed to advance the outcomes in each priority area. These actions form the basis of the Town’s budget.

 How can I stay involved?
 Monitor Town channels (@TownofCaledon) for updates on actions and initiatives that will help make Caledon the best of rural and urban life for everyone. Opportunities for engagement on actions with the plan will be available at

How is the plan being monitored and measured?

Updates on the status of actions and the impact in the community will be presented to Council annually.