Swimming Pools

The Town of Caledon's Fence By-law requires that you have a fence around your swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.

Apply for a swimming pool enclosure permit

Please submit a completed swimming pool enclosure application. Be sure to include:

  • A cheque made payable to the Town of Caledon for $386.32
  • Two copies of a scaled site plan

Site plan requirements

Each site plan should include the following:

  • Property lines with dimensions
  • All proposed and existing structures (labelled as such) with their size and dimensions
  • Proposed pool location
  • Location of proposed pool enclosure and the characteristics of the enclosure (ie, material, fence height and construction)
  • Pool equipment location (specify if equipment will be in a structure or on a concrete slab)
  • Existing and proposed fences (including their type and height)

The site plan should show the distance from the pool to the house, fences, property lines, septic tank and tile bed, and any other structures on your property.

Approvals from external agencies

In certain cases, you may need approval from an external agency:

Contact us to find out if you need approval from a conversation authority and/or commission.

Next steps

We'll contact you when your permit is ready and give you a copy of the Pool Enclosure Permit card and approved drawing set. You must place the permit card on your property and it must be visible from the road.

Security deposit

A security deposit is required before we issue your permit. This is to cover any possible damage from the swimming pool and fence installation. You can pay the deposit by certified cheque or cash only.

The deposit amounts are:

  • $2,000.00 for an in-ground or on-ground pool; and
  • $500.00 for an above ground pool.

Final inspection and return of security deposit

The permit must be issued prior to pool enclosure installation.

Book an inspection

When the pool is complete, you must book a final inspection. We will refund your security deposit after a passed inspection.

Pool, spa and/or hot tub water drainage

Please note that you cannot drain a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa from your property onto the road and eventually into a storm drain. Our storm sewers lead to our local waterways. The additives and chemicals in the water are harmful to the natural environment and our drinking water. Contact us to request our Drainage Guidelines.

Guideline overview

When draining water, make sure that you:

  • Drain the water away from storm sewers and the road
  • Only drain on your property and inside property boundaries
  • Stop water from flowing into valleys, ravines, slopes, streams and wells
  • Prevent any nuisances (e.g. still or standing water) and flooding

Septic systems

Never drain water where it could flow into a septic system and make sure that the water is least 5 metres away from all septic systems.


Draining water must be at least:

  • 15 metres from a drilled well (that has watertight casing up to at least 6 metres)
  • 30 metres from all other wells

Drainage options

You can dispose of water:

  • Through a building sanitary drain on your property if it is not serviced by a private or communal septic system
  • Over your property where it can be absorbed into the ground
  • Through a Ministry of the Environment approved Disposal Company