Right of Way Occupancy Permits

If you are doing work on a Town-owned right-of-way such as a road, sidewalk or boulevard, you will need a Right of Way Occupancy Permit.

Occupancy is any work being done on a town-owned right of way.

This may include:

  • Utilities work
  • Road construction, or
  • Any other activity

Fees and securities

Depending on the nature of the work you may need to pay a fee and/or provide securities for your permit.

One to two years after the work is completed and passed an inspection the securities would be released back to you.

Fees and Securities


Fee ($)

Security ($)

Softscape (sod, gravel)



Hardscape (concrete, asphalt)



*Rush fee $419.06

*View the fees by-law for more information.

Before you apply

Before you apply please be sure to have:

  • A certificate of insurance valued at not less than $5M, naming the Town of Caledon as additional insured, and valid until the end date of your proposed work.
  • A sketch/drawing of the location and the work to be completed, and
  • A traffic control plan

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