Winter Parking Restrictions

Chance of snow? Street parking is a NO.

When winter precipitation conditions occur between November 1 - April 30, vehicles are not to be parked on Caledon roads or parked over sidewalks at any time. This allows equipment operators to quickly and safely clear snow and treat roadways and sidewalks (salting and sanding) without parked vehicles getting in the way.

Any vehicle that interferes with snow-clearing operations may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?
Resident and visitor vehicles must be parked on private property during a winter weather event. Vehicles should not be parked where they may overhang or encroach on public sidewalks or Caledon roads, including curbs. If your driveway is temporarily unavailable, consider asking a neighbour to park on theirs.
I applied for a winter parking pass. Am I exempt from these restrictions?
No. Any parking passes that have been granted are temporarily suspended once winter precipitation impacts Caledon roads and requires winter maintenance operations. Once roads have been maintained (plowed and/or treated), the parking pass may be used.
How much does a ticket cost?
Interfering with snow-clearing operations results in a ticket with a set fine of $90.
What does snow-clearing operations include?
Snow-clearing operations includes plowing, salting, sanding and removals.
I have a concern about the condition of a local road and/or sidewalk. Who do I contact?
Please visit our Report a Problem webpage to fill out a service request. Your ticket will be logged immediately upon submission, and we will dispatch crews as quickly as possible.