Our Fence By-law regulates the height, location and maintenance of fences and privacy screens. Standards are also set for other types of swimming pool enclosures.

Before you put up a fence or privacy screen, have a surveyor check your property lines. While there is a process for residents to independently manage property line fence disputes, the Town is unable to determine ownership or become involved. Fences and privacy screens on your property must be maintained and kept in good condition. You must also make sure they do not block the visibility of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.


Maximum fence heights:


Residential fence maximum height by yard location
LocationMaximum height

Front yard

1.5 m or 1 m on a subdivision lot

Interior side yard

2 m

Exterior side yard

1.5 m

Rear yard

2 m

Sight triangle*

1 m above the elevation of adjacent streets

Commercial, industrial or institutionally zoned lots

Commercial, industrial and institutional fence maximum heights
LocationMaximum height

Front yard

1 m

All other yards

3 m

Sight triangle*

1 m above the elevation of adjacent streets

Generally only corner lots have sight triangles. Contact us for more information on corner lots.

Privacy screens

You can have a privacy screen on a residential lot as long as:

  • The maximum height is 3 m
  • If on a deck, the maximum height is 2 m
  • The combined length of all screens does not exceed 8 m
  • The screen is not located in a front yard
  • It is set back 4.5 m from a lot line next to a street, and 1.5 m from all other lot lines

Variance requests

You can make a variance request if you want to put up or keep a fence or privacy screen that is not compliant with the by-law.

Variance request process:

  1. Complete the Fence By-law variance application form. Contact us to request this document.
  2. Include your survey, site plan and any other supporting documents
  3. Email us the complete application package or deliver it in-person or by mail to Town Hall, Regulatory Services Manager, 6311 Old Church Rd., Caledon ON L7C 1J6
  4. Pay the application fee (non-refundable) of $565.00

Once a complete application and payment are received, we will circulate information to adjoining properties. Owners of these properties are provided an opportunity to provide comments. Following this you will be notified if you can keep your fence or privacy screen.