Compliance Letters and Building Records

Compliance Letters

The Town can issue compliance letters that provide information about a number of topics, including:

  • building permits
  • building violations
  • Municipal Law Enforcement concerns/violations

A compliance letter can also confirm if a subdivision agreement is being complied with, if there are amending agreements registered on title, if there are releases available from an agreement on title and if the Town holds sufficient securities to secure the obligations within the subdivision agreement.

If a property is listed on the Heritage Register, if it is designated, or if it is known to be (or has been) a cemetery, a compliance letter can confirm that. 

Such a letter can also confirm whether a property has an Official Plan designation and a particular zoning

A compliance letter can also be used to establish

  • an inspection station
  • a propane cylinder exchange program
  • a day nursery, or
  • a before/after school program

Before you apply

Make sure you have the following documents:

  • Contact information for the property owner, including name, address, phone number and email address (as identified on their government-issued I.D.)
  • Your (applicant) contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address (as identified on your government-issued I.D.)
  • Property information such as municipal address or roll number/ARN
  • Any other documents in PDF format including:
    • All Subdivision Agreement(s) if requesting information regarding the Agreement
    • A Location Map if requesting information relating to heritage listing, designations, archaeological sites and/or cemeteries, and
    • A current photograph of the property if requesting information relating to heritage designations.

Please note: There are fees for compliance letters. For more information our Fees By-law or contact us. 

Request a compliance letter

Building Records


The Town of Caledon's Building Services Division may have records for your property and can make them available to you.  We will conduct a preliminary review to determine if there are any building permit files that may contain the documents being requested.

Types of documents may include: 

  • Site Plan 
  • Permit Drawings/Blueprints/Floor Layouts
  • Septic Design
  • Inspection Records
  • Certificate of Final Inspection
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Other Documentation

**Please note Property Surveys are not a building permit requirement and in most circumstances is not part of the permit file.  Surveys can be requested from the Land Survey Records Inc. website.**

If you decide to move forward with your request, there will be a non-refundable research fee of $54.11 as per the Town's current Fee's By-law.  The fee is payable at time of request and there is no guarantee that the documentation requested is available.

All requests for documentation must be submitted in advance to the building services division by sending the completed application for information form to; a building services representative will be in contact with you within two business days to confirm receipt of completed form and to arrange for payment.

**Please note under current circumstances there is no time frame in which we will complete your request, we are working on a first come first serve basis.  Depending on the nature of your request it could take several weeks to complete, based on the current social distancing guidelines prescribed by the Region of Peel.**

The majority of our building permits are paper based and therefore are required to be scanned and electronically prepared before being emailed.  If your request goes beyond one hour to review and complete you will be charged on a $15 per 15 minute basis. 

For all hard copies of documentation, the fees listed below are set out in the Town's current Fee's By-law

  • $0.70 + HST ($0.09) per page - black/white (letter/legal size)
  • $1.20 + HST ($0.16) per page - black/white (11"x17" size)
  • $1.20 + HST ($0.16) per page - colour (letter/legal size)
  • $2.52 + HST ($0.33) per page - colour (11"x17" size)
  • $6.20 + HST ($0.81) per page - black/white (survey size)