Zoning By-laws are regulations governing land use that implement policies in the Town's Official Plan, and are regulated by Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 in Ontario. 

Each provision and zone within the Zoning By-law has specific requirements that control the use of land and provide a legally enforceable way of managing land use and guiding future development.

The Zoning By-law regulates:

  • Land use
  • Building/structure location on a property
  • Building density, height, massing, type, and setbacks
  • Landscape and amenity area requirements
  • Lot size and dimension requirements
  • Parking and loading facilities
  • Specific use requirements (such as Cannabis Facilities, Bed and Breakfast, Accessory Structures, etc.)

In certain situations, the Zoning By-law also requires compliance with Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Formulae which mitigates odour between agricultural and non-agricultural uses. 

Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2006-50, as amended, applies to all lands within the Town of Caledon with few exceptions (see Section 1.10).

Zoning By-law Update

For the latest updates to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2006-50, as amended, please visit the Zoning By-law Updates page.

View the Zoning By-law Review page

Interim Zoning Measures Regarding Bill 23’s Additional Residential Unit Policies

Bill 23 made changes in the Planning Act that impact our Zoning By-law (2006-50) for additional residential units in a dwelling. Before the passing of Bill 23, the Town of Caledon permitted a maximum of one accessory apartment in certain dwelling types, largely with the exception of lands located in the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area.

As part of the Zoning By-law review, staff will study the impacts of Bill 23 and work with the community and Council to update the Zoning By-law (and Official Plan) as required to address Bill 23.  Further changes to this interim position may come as a result of further changes from the Province, including expected amendments to O. Reg 299/19. 

In the interim, please note the following changes that apply to a ‘parcel of urban residential land’ (as defined by the Planning Act), which are residential lands located within a settlement area and are serviced by municipal water and sewer. A map showing “Urban Residential Land” within Caledon has been provided for reference.

 Interim Changes
In the interim, please note the following changes that apply to a ‘parcel of urban residential land’ (as defined by the Planning Act), which are residential lands located within a settlement area and are serviced by municipal water and sewer. A map showing “Urban Residential Land” within Caledon will be posted provided for reference.

NOTE: For all other areas outside of this definition, these changes do not apply and so the existing definition and provisions respecting “accessory apartments” and “garden suites” in Zoning By-law 2006-50 remain unaffected and in force and effect.

 Interim Permissions for Additional Residential Units
Bill 23 impacted the Permitted Uses of Section 6.2 “Residential Zones” and Section 13.1 “Exceptions” Column 3, where “Dwelling, Detached”, “Dwelling, Semi-Detached” and “Dwelling, Townhouse” (including any modified definitions of townhouses) are permitted in a zone.

The following is also permitted on lots deemed ‘urban residential land’:

  • One additional residential unit within the dwelling, and/or one additional residential unit in an accessory structure
  • Two additional residential units within the dwelling provided there are no residential units in an accessory structure

The use, definition and provisions for Accessory Apartment in the Zoning By-law no longer apply for dwellings on a ‘parcel of urban residential land’. For clarity, where an Accessory Apartment use has already been established on an parcel of ‘Urban Residential Land’ prior to the passing of Bill 23, it shall be considered as an additional residential unit as per the above.

 Interim Permissions for Residential Units Contained within Accessory Structures
For lands identified as a ‘parcel of urban residential land’, where a residential unit is proposed in an accessory structure, the structure shall be built according to the zone standards where it is located. Check with Planning staff to verify whether site-specific zoning applies to your property. Otherwise, for zones where no site-specific zoning applies, see Section 4.2.2 of the Zoning By-law for accessory structure provisions.

Where a proposed accessory structure does not comply with these provisions you may request an Inquiry Meeting with Planning Staff to talk about the proposal and next steps.

The provisions regarding Garden Suites in the Zoning By-law do not apply to a ‘parcel of urban residential land’ where one accessory structure is used for an additional dwelling unit. Please note that by-law relief would be required for an accessory structure containing more than one dwelling unit. 

Interim Changes for Residential Parking Requirements

Parking Requirements of Section 5.2.2, no longer apply.

Parking requirements for additional residential units are as follows:


Dwelling Type*

Parking Space Requirement

Dwelling, Detached, Dwelling, Semi-Detached

2 parking spaces

Dwelling, Detached or Dwelling, Semi-Detached, plus 1 additional residential unit

2 parking spaces

Dwelling, Detached or Dwelling, Semi-Detached, plus 2 additional residential units

3 parking spaces

Dwelling, Townhouse*

2 parking spaces, plus 0.25 visitor parking spaces per unit on a lot with four or more dwelling units

Dwelling, Townhouse, plus 1 additional residential unit

2 parking spaces (visitor parking spaces not required for the additional residential unit)

Dwelling, Townhouse, plus 2 additional residential units

3 parking spaces (visitor parking spaces not required for the additional residential unit)

*Please note that these examples are based on parent zone requirements. In the event that your property has site-specific zoning, please refer to those requirements as a base to calculate the required parking spaces. Please contact the Planning Department for further assistance.

NOTE: For clarity, tandem parking spaces are permitted.

With reference to the Parking Requirements table above, these requirements were determined based on how Section 35.1(1.1) of the Planning Act reads.

Next Steps
For lots where additional residential units are permitted as a result of the changes by Bill 23, a building permit issued under the Building Code Act will be required to establish the use to ensure it is constructed safely.

If you have questions or concerns about these interim changes, please contact the Planning Department (planning@caledon.ca, or at 905-584-2272 Ext. 4104). We’re happy to receive your feedback and will post frequently asked questions to this page as we receive them.

Staff have commenced a public process to implement changes to the Town’s Zoning By-law connected with Bill 23. Information on this process can be found through the following link.

Find your zoning

Find out what zone map your property is on by using our interactive Zoning Index Look Up Map.

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Zoning By-law

  1. Review the Zoning By-law by section.
  2. Review the appropriate section of the zoning By-law.

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Learn how to use the by-law

 Zoning By-law Sections
Interim Control By-law
By-law 2021-92

The Interim Control By-law (2021-92) restricts the use of land within the specified areas in Bolton and Mayfield West for a period of one year (to December 14, 2022), to undertake a land use study to:

  • Examine the mix of land uses within the Major Transit Station Area (MTSA);
  • Examine the existing and long range planned transit service for the study areas, and;
  • Consider the connections between the future Mayfield West Transit Hub and the Caledon GO Station between each other and the broader Regional transit system.

Council has the authority to extend the period during which the by-law will be in effect to a total period not exceeding two years.

 By-law 2022-071
By-law 2022-072
Minister's Zoning Orders
Ontario Regulation 210-13
  • Ontario Regulation 210-13 are Minister's Zoning Orders in accordance with the Planning Act. The orders do not form part of the Zoning By-law.
Ontario Regulation 362-20
  • Ontario Regulation 362-20 are Minister's Zoning Orders in accordance with the Planning Act. The orders do not form part of the Zoning By-law.
Ontario Regulation 171-21
Ontario Regulation 157-22
Ontario Regulation 483-22
Zoning By-law 87-229


View the following schedules in the Zoning By-law:

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View the appendices to the Zoning by-law:

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Amending the Zoning By-law

Sometimes it's not possible to meet all of the Zoning By-law requirements. You can change your plans to meet the requirements, or apply for a preliminary meeting to discuss your proposal. If you can't meet the Zoning By-law you may need to apply for either a Zoning By-law Amendment or a Minor Variance application. 

Request a compliance letter

A compliance letter can be used for:

  • Written confirmation of the Official Plan designation and Zoning of a property
  • Establishing an Inspection Station
  • Establishing a Propane Cylinder Exchange program
  • Establishing a Day Nursery
  • Establishing a Before/After School Program

Request a compliance Letter.

Request a zoning certificate

You can apply to have your zoning reviewed (including uses and buildings/structures) to see whether it complies. A Zoning Certificate may be requested for any reason, including:

  • To have a zoning review done before you submit a planning application
  • For a proposed Motor Vehicles Sales (OMVIC)
  • For a proposed propane distribution centre
  • For a proposed day nursery

Request a Zoning Certificate Application.

Request a legal non-conforming use

A legal non-conforming use is a use which was legally established under the Zoning By-law in effect at the time the use began but which is not currently permitted. You can apply to have a use recognized as a legal non-conforming use so long as the original use has continued uninterrupted at that location until today. 

New applications

Request a Legal Non-Conforming Use 

To add information in response to a refusal 

If you get a letter from the Town refusing your request for a Legal Non-Conforming use, you can add information.

Add information to your request when it is refused

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