Council Highlights – September 26, 2023

Extension to Interim Control By-law

Council approved a one-year extension to an interim bylaw (from October 18, 2022) that restricts use of land for aggregates. The extension is to give the Town time complete the Supplementary Aggregate Resources Policy Study. The bylaw does not prevent applications from being received by the Town. The study looks at aggregates impacts on the Town’s Official Plan and builds on the Town’s Aggregate Rehabilitation Master Plan. The Rehabilitation Master Plan focuses on how to restore and repurpose aggregate lands for future development and community interests. An aggregate resources working group was created to gather input from residents and public agencies during the study.

Mono Mills Community Safety Zones Request

The Town of Caledon is asking the Ministry of Transportation Ontario to create a community safety zone on Highway 9 in Mono Mills to improve community safety and livability. Speed limits were asked to be reduced from 80 km/h to 60km/h in the zone.

Brampton Transit Service Expansion to Bolton

Caledon is continuing to expand its transit options for its residents and businesses. In 2024, Brampton Transit will run more local transit services in Bolton to improve north-south transit along Highway 50. A loop will be added to the service between Highway 50 and Coleraine Drive. Updates will be provided on the new services from Brampton Transit and the Town of Caledon. Voyago transit services in Bolton will continue until Brampton Transit begins its transit services.

Urban Tree By-law

Staff will review creating an Urban Tree By-law for Caledon to protect and sustain the urban forest in the Town and report back in 2024.

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