2022-2026 Inaugural Council Meeting


November 15, 2022 – This evening, the Town of Caledon’s Members of Council took their declarations of office in a ceremony followed by an inaugural address from Mayor Annette Groves. 

“Our new Members of Council, together with staff and the community, are committed to creating a strong, vibrant and inclusive Caledon for all citizens,” said Caledon Mayor Annette Groves. “We will work on a made in Caledon plan that will focus on responsible growth, climate change mitigation, community safety and economic sustainability.”

2022-2026 Term of Council for the Town of Caledon 


Annette Groves  

Regional Councillor, Ward 1, 2, 3  

Christina Early  

Regional Councillor, Ward 4, 5, 6  

Mario Russo  

Councillor, Ward 1  

Lynn Kiernan  

Councillor, Ward 2  

Dave Sheen  

Councillor, Ward 3  

Doug Maskell  

Councillor, Ward 4  

Nick de Boer  

Councillor, Ward 5  

Tony Rosa  

Councillor, Ward 6  

Cosimo Napoli  


How Council works 

Caledon is governed by a nine-member Council electedevery four years. Council is committed to transparency and accountability and abides by a code of conduct.  

Town Council advocates on behalf of the community for legislative, regulatory and policy changes at all levels of government. 

In addition to regular Council meetings, there are several committees, boards, and task forces that advise Council and act on their behalf.   


Left to Right: Councillor Ward 5 Tony Rosa, Councillor Ward 2 Dave Sheen, Councillor Ward 4, Nick de Boer, Regional Councillor Ward 1,2,3, Christina Early,  Mayor Annette Groves,  Councillor Ward 6 Cosimo Napoli, Regional Councillor Ward 4,5,6 Mario Russo, Councillor Ward 1 Lynn Kiernan, Councillor Ward 3 Doug Maskell