Proposed Area Specific Development Charges - Simpson Road

Public Meeting

A public meeting will be held to present and obtain public input on the proposed Area-Specific Development Charges By-law (ASDC) and Background Study. Learn more about what an ASDC Background Study is. The area under consideration is Simpson Road (221 metres north of George Bolton Parkway). It will be imposed within a defined area of the South Simpson Industrial Secondary Plan.

The statutory public meeting will provide the public an opportunity to learn about and provide further feedback on the ASDC Background Study and proposed by-law. Council will consider the adoption of the ASDC Background Studies including any necessary addenda and passage of the DC By-law at a future Council meeting once the public meeting is held.

Study Documents

Due to the continuing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to protect individuals, Town Hall will not be open to the public to attend Public Meetings until further notice. These meetings will be held electronically.

Meeting date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | Meeting start time: 6:00 p.m.

How to participate

Members of the public may participate and learn more about proposed area-specific development charges by-law and background study and can provide direct input.

 How to listen
  • To listen to the live meeting please dial 1-833-311-4101 and enter the required Access Code followed by the # key.
    • Meeting Access Code: 132 010 1620#
 How to delegate
  • Members of the public are welcome to participate via phone or WebEx Meeting upon request. Please email Please note deadlines apply.

Note: Provide your submission prior to the start of the scheduled public meeting to ensure that your comments are heard during the meeting.

How to submit a written comment
  • You may submit written comments by e-mailing them to and or by phone at 905.584.2272 x.4185. Written comments submitted will be considered public information and will form part of the public record.

Note: It is recommended that you submit your written comments prior to the start of the scheduled public meeting.

In order that sufficient information is made available to the public, the background study is available online at

Copies of the proposed by-law and the background study are available from the Town Clerk at the above location or by calling 905.584.2272.

Interested persons may express their comments at the public meeting or in writing, addressed to the Town Clerk, at 6311 Old Church Road, Caledon ON L7C 1J7, prior to October 13, 2020.

By appointment

To speak directly to staff about the proposed area-specific development charges by-law and background study, you may e-mail and indicate that you would like an appointment to be scheduled. Appointments will be scheduled by staff and can be for in-person or over the phone consultations.

Note: It is recommended that appointments be scheduled prior to the start of the scheduled public meeting to ensure your comments are heard during the meeting.

What is an Area-Specific Development Charges Background Study?

This background study has been prepared pursuant to the requirements of the Development Charges Act (DCA),1997 (s10), which among others, stipulates that before passing a Development Charge By-law, the council shall complete a Development Charge (DC) Background Study.

This Area Specific Development Charges (ASDC) Background Study for the Town of Caledon is presented as part of a process that will lead to the approval of a new Area Specific Development Charges By-law for:

  • Simpson Road - 221 metres north of George Bolton Parkway to be imposed within a defined area of the South Simpson Industrial Secondary Plan area. According to the plan, Simpson Road shall serve as a north-south collector and extended southward to intersect with Mayfield Road. See location map for details.
  • This project is not included in the Town’s municipal-wide Development Charges (DC) By-law, as this Minor Collector Road is a local service:
    • Minor Collector Roads Internal or External to Development, inclusive of all land and associated infrastructure, if needed to support a specific development or required to link with the area to which the plan relates –direct developer responsibility under s.59 of the Development Charges Act (DCA)
  • This project is a smaller segment of road, involves only two benefiting landowners (four parcels of land currently owned by two landowners). This means the proposed ASDC will only be charged on four parcels of land when they are developed in the future.

This ASDC background study, containing the proposed ASDC By-law, is being distributed to members of the public, in order to provide interested parties with sufficient background information on the legislation, the study’s recommendations, and an outline of the basis for these recommendations.

The proposed ASDC by-law must be made available more than 60 days prior to passage. The proposed by-law must also be made available more than two weeks prior to a public meeting.