Caledon acts on Bill 23 changes

The Town of Caledon is responding to Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, with immediate action items to address impacts of the Bill, and position Caledon for success. The Town is also asking the Province to further consult with municipalities and Indigenous communities before all parts of the Bill come into effect.

“There are many layers of changes under Bill 23 and we are carefully working through them and what they mean for Caledon’s future growth,” said Mayor Annette Groves. “Our concerns remain with impacts to our environment, heritage, parkland and ability to plan and fund the infrastructure needed to meet the Province’s housing targets. We are doing the work now to help prepare Caledon for a prosperous and successful future, and we will need support from all levels of government, residents and stakeholders to plan for what is important to Caledon.”

Caledon’s Growth Targets

The Province has provided housing targets for 29 selected municipalities in Ontario. Caledon’s target is 13,000 new residential units by 2031. The Province has requested that Caledon sign a ‘Housing Pledge’ committing to the new target by March 1, 2023. Staff will bring forward more information on the Housing Pledge in February.

Bill 23 Impacts 

Staff is reviewing these impacts in detail:

  • Funding for new growth in Caledon.
  • Changes to planning processes and heritage protections.
  • Changes to planning laws and appeal matters.
  • Impacts on natural environment and conservation.

“Changes proposed through Bill 23 will impact our land use planning and processes,” said Antonietta Minichillo, Director, Planning/Chief Planner. “Staff across the Town of Caledon continue to explore opportunities from the legislation. Caledon’s greenfield growth requires significant investments (transit, water and wastewater, infrastructure, etc.). We look forward to working with the Province for better understanding of impacts to greenfield developments, new funding tools and solution creation.”

Financial Impacts

“Bill 23 presents financial challenges to municipalities such as Caledon who are at the beginning of their growth journey” said Myuran Palasandiran, Director, Finance and Chief Financial Officer. “The Province has indicated they understand these impacts and will offer new financial tools to assist municipalities with housing enabling infrastructure funding. Caledon is eager to learn what those tools are.”

For more information review the full report: Caledon’s Initial Action Plan in Response to Bill 23 and Greenbelt Changes