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Fast Track Building Permit Service

The Fast Track Building Permit Service is a service provided by the Town to expedite the building permit process.  If your project qualifies, staff will work with you to issue a permit in approximately 5 business days, beginning the day after the date the application is received.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2018, a non-refundable Expedited Service Fee will be charged on Fast Track Permit Applications in the amount of $89.50/hour with a minimum of $250.00.

What projects qualify for the Fast Track Building Permit Process?

The Fast Track Building Permit Service is limited to residential projects only, except for demolitions. This service applies to the demolition of all buildings except for those that require engineered drawings.

Subject to the discretion of Building Services staff, the following projects may qualify for the Fast Track Building Permit service: 

  • Basic decks and porches  
  • Small detached garages and sheds (less than 55m2) that are not heated and do not contain plumbing
  • Conversion to municipal water services or sanitary sewer (does not include multi-residential buildings
  • Minor interior alterations (not to include septic)
  • Basement finishes (not including basement apartments or septic)
  • Changing existing heating or ventilation systems (except geo-thermal systems)
  • New or enlarged wall openings (windows/doors)
  • Basement walkouts
  • Installing masonry fireplace or chimney
  • Installing wood burning appliances(stoves / fireplaces)
  • Installing new plumbing fixtures/ finishing roughed-in plumbing.
  • Demolitions

How do I apply?

Follow this step-by-step guide: 

Step 1:  Approvals

Check with us to see if your project requires approvals from any external agency or internal department which includes Zoning.

  • If it does, then obtain those approvals BEFORE applying for Fast Track status. 
  • If no other approvals are needed, then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:  Submission

The following, along with payment of building permit fee, are required to be considered a complete application:

  • Proof of approvals from any external agency or internal departments (if applicable)
  • 2 sets of all plans and specifications  

Please refer to the attached checklist (pdf)

Step 3:  Review

Application will be reviewed to determine compliance with the Ontario Building Code and Zoning By-law.

Step 4:  Notification

Provided there are no deficiencies, we will contact you to pick up your permit in approximately 5 business days. Should we require additional information to complete the review, it will no longer be considered Fast Track.


For assistance or more information please write to or call 905-584-2272 x. 2233.