Rent a Facility

At this time we are only accepting and processing rental requests from affiliated or regular users with the Town of Caledon who rent on a seasonal or annual basis.

We are not accepting requests for one-time rentals such as birthday parties, social gatherings, meetings or events at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions and reduced facility operations. If you are looking to rent a space, this service is not available yet. Check back regularly for updates.

Existing Seasonal or Annual Renters 
 One-Time Rentals

Complete a One-Time Rental Request Form for your single or occasional bookings (i.e. meeting). Contact us for availability or additional information. 

One-Time Rental Request Form

 Seasonal Rentals

Complete a Seasonal Rental Request form for an on-going or seasonal booking (i.e. weekly meeting).

Seasonal Rental Request Form 


If you are renting a facility, you and any third parties (e.g. vendors, caterers, and performers) must have liability insurance when using Town-owned or operated property.  The insurance requirements depend on the type of rental and activities

*If vendors are present at your event, a Vendor Listing Form must be provided to your recreation representative. Contact us to request this form

Providing Liability Insurance

If you're entering into a facility agreement, you have two ways that you can provide us with liability insurance


Option 1: Facility Agreement Holder's Insurance Policy

You may buy a liability insurance policy from an insurance provider of your choice. They must complete a Certificate of Insurance Coverage Form. Contact us to request this form and send it back us. We will not accept any other form for insurance coverage


Option 2: Liability Insurance Program

You can purchase insurance through the Liability Insurance Program Portal offered by Armour Insurance Brokers Ltd

Purchase Insurance

Insurance Resources 

Additional Insurance information can be found using the following resources:

Facility Rental User Insurance Information 

Facility User Insurance Rating Guide

Facility Rental User Insurance FAQ's

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