Rent a Facility

COVID-19 Update - All Town of Caledon facilities remain closed until further notice to protect the health and safety of our residents.

View our Facility Directory to find the perfect location in the Town of Caledon for your next event, meeting or sporting activity.

One-Time Rentals

Complete a One-Time Rental Request Form for your single or occasional bookings (i.e. meeting, family skate). Contact us for availability or additional information.

One-Time Rental Request Form

Complete a Seasonal Rental Request form for an on-going or seasonal booking (i.e. weekly meeting).

 Seasonal Rental Request Form

Seasonal Application Timelines

Facility Type


Application Deadline

Rooms and Halls

September - August

March 31 of current year


September - April

March 31 of current year

Arenas and Floors

April - August

November 15 of previous year

Swimming Pools

September - June, July - August

March 1 of current year

November 15 of previous year

Outdoor Facilities

May - October

January 31 of current year

Dates are subject to change

Additional Requirements

Customers are required to submit additional documentation depending on the activity taking place. Staff contact will discuss the requirements at the time of booking


The Town of Caledon permits alcohol at certain rental facilities. All rentals involving alcohol must follow the Municipal Alcohol Policy & Procedures.  More information can be found on our By-laws and Policies page.  

You must obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  Permit must be visibly posted within the event location. 

All servers must be Smart Serve Certified.  Copies of each certificate must be provided to your recreation representative

All required documents are to be provided to your recreation representative at least two weeks prior to the event

Event Organizer Agreement
An Event Organizer Agreement must be signed and returned to your recreation representative.  Contact us to request this document.
Outdoor Events

Notice of Event

Applicants must provide notice to the Town, the local police service, fire department and health agency.  Notice must be provided 30 days prior to the event date.  A notification received by the Town will be circulated to the appropriate Town departments for comment.  A fee may be applicable

Beer Gardens

All events with alcohol held in certain Town parks must have a beer garden enclosure with controlled access.  Beer gardens must adhere to the conditions set in the Special Occasion Permit.  Town staff will set up the beer garden at an additional fee.  A site map must be provided illustrating dimensions, entrance and exit and the location within the park



If you are renting a facility, you and any third parties (e.g. vendors, caterers, and performers) must have liability insurance when using Town-owned or operated property.  The insurance requirements depend on the type of rental and activities

*If vendors are present at your event, a Vendor Listing Form must be provided to your recreation representative. Contact us to request this form

Providing Liability Insurance

If you're entering into a facility agreement, you have two ways that you can provide us with liability insurance

Option 1: Facility Agreement Holder's Insurance Policy

You may buy a liability insurance policy from an insurance provider of your choice. They must complete a Certificate of Insurance Coverage Form. Contact us to request this form and send it back us. We will not accept any other form for insurance coverage

Option 2: Liability Insurance Program

You can purchase insurance through the Liability Insurance Program Portal offered by Armour Insurance Brokers Ltd

Insurance Resources

Additional Insurance information can be found using the following resources:

Facility Rental User Insurance Information 

Facility User Insurance Rating Guide

Facility Rental User Insurance FAQ's

Contact Information 

Armour Insurance Brokers Ltd.

30 Topflight Drive, Suite #1, Mississauga, ON  L5S 0A8

Phone: 905-452-5127

Toll Free: 1-877-452-5127


Business Hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)



After Hours / Weekends

Rupinder Hayer | | 905-452-5127 x.234 or 647-618-1001


Surjit Kang | | 905-452-5127 x.223  or 416-882-3212

 Purchase Insurance

 Special Events

Special event organizers may need to apply for certain permits to follow local, provincial and federal legislation

Accessible Events
When organizing a special event it is important to ensure it is inclusive of individuals with disabilities.  The Planning Accessible Events guide is a useful tool for planning indoor events.  For information on accessible outdoor events, visit the Guide to Accessible Festivals & Outdoor Events

Town of Caledon's online community calendar

To advertise community events on the Town of Caledon's online community calendar, please visit our Events Calendar page

Outdoor community sign

Advertising on outdoor community signs throughout the Town can be requested at no charge.  For more information, please visit our Sport and Recreation Group page


Some community events may attract media attention.  If members of the media are anticipated to attend your event, please advise your recreation representative

Posters in recreation facilities

Community events may be eligible to post event material in Town recreation facilities.  All advertising material must be submitted to your recreation representative for approval.  If approved, additional copies may be required for distribution.

Temporary signs

Event organizers who wish to promote their event by temporary signage may find additional information on our Permanent and Temporary Signs page

Amplified Sound 
Amplified sound must not disturb adjoining property owners during the day and is prohibited from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am as indicated under the Town of Caledon Noise By-law, unless authorized by the Town.  For more information on Town By-laws, please visit our By-laws and Policies page
Disposable Waste 


Garbage bins are located in Town facilities and parks.  If additional garbage containers and bags are required at your event, please discuss with your recreation representative

Recycling and organics

The Region of Peel offers recycling and organic collection for eligible special events.  Please visit Region of Peel Waste Management for more information

Food at Public Events 

All event organizers must follow the Region of Peel's Food Safety Guidelines for Special Events.

For more information regarding serving / selling food at your event or having food vendors present at your event, please visit the Region of Peel's food safety at special events page


Unlicensed gambling or gaming on Town owned property is strictly prohibited.  Licenses may be obtained to feature gambling or gaming as part of the event under the following parameters:

Registered charitable organizations

Registered charitable organizations may be considered for a gaming licences by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Raffle, break open tickets and bingo

Eligible local charitable or religious organizations where total prizes to be awarded do not exceed $50,000 my apply for a license by contacting Service Caledon 

Ground Staking
Town properties may have underground utilities (hydro or gas) buried below the surface of the ground and as such event organizers and all invitees or others in connection with the event are prohibited from using stakes into the ground for equipment (inflatable amusements or tents)
Inflatable Amusements 
Indoor inflatable amusements are not permitted.  Outdoor events may request to have inflatable amusements if provided by a third party vendor that is licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.  The vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance.  Additional conditions may apply.  Please discuss with your recreation representative
Notice of Event

It is recommended that the following organizations are notified of large events to ensure a quick response in case of an emergency.  Please ensure to include event/organization name, contact information, event date, time and location, brief description, expected attendance and site plan.

Paid Duty Police Officers
Assistance from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) may be required for large events using the road, sidewalk or for traffic congestion.  To inquire or arrange for paid duty police officers, please contact OPP
Parking is available at most facilities and parks.  The Town of Caledon Traffic By-laws must be followed if guests are parking on the street.  A parking pass may be requested, but some exceptions apply.  For more information regarding Town by-laws, please visit our By-laws and Policies page
Road closures and intermittent stoppage

Town of Caledon roads

The use of Town roads or sidewalks for an event requires approval. More information may be found at Town of Caledon Roads

Region of Peel roads

Events on regional roads must have approval from the Region of Peel.  More information may be found at Region of Peel Special Event Road Closure Permits

Stages and Tents
Stages and tents require approval for events held on Town property.  Some stages and tents may require a building permit. Please discuss with your recreation representative    
The Town requires notification of any events or organized use on trails in Caledon.  Please contact us or complete a rental request form.


Themed Birthday Parties

Celebrate your next birthday or special event with us! Let us create, organize and facilitate your event. Complete a Party Package Request Form for your next party!

Party Package Request Form

Each party is scheduled for two hours. For the first hour of the party, two of our instructors provide a fun and exciting program. For the second hour, you can bring in your favourite party foods and treats. If you need extra help, our staff can stay for the entire duration of your party.

Choose a party package

We offer a variety of party packages to suit your needs.

A Sweet Treat - Baking Party

Starting at $255 a Sweet Treat - Baking Party is available at multiple facilities and is for children 6 - 14 years old and up to 20 guests.

Celebrate the future chefs, bakers, and other culinary artists in your family with this yummy cake decorating party! This party package includes everything needed for each person to decorate cupcakes and a mini cake.

Birthday Buddies - Preschool Party

Birthday Buddies starts at $183.60 and is children 1 - 6 years old and for up to 20 guests. Celebrate your little one's birthday at Caledon East Community Complex in the preschool room! The room is full of adventure and stations to explore for all interests! Cook up a storm in the play kitchen, or work with tools in the workshop, or even have fun in the dress up station! This party package will keep little ones busy for hours!

Let's Celebrate! Youth Centre Party

Let's Celebrate! Youth Centre Party starts at $255 and is for children 1 - 14 years old and  for up to 80 guests. If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do then the Caledon Centre for Recreation & Wellness is the place for you.

Our wide variety of amenities will keep your party guests entertained and active, including:

  • billiards
  • ping pong
  • foosball
  • air hockey
  • skee ball
  • preschool equipment
  • mini basketball net
  • ride-on toys

Make a Splash! Pool Party

Make a Splash! Pool Party starts at $357 and is for all ages up to 30 guests. Play in the water and enjoy exclusive use of the pool at the Caledon Centre for Recreation & Wellness, including equipment and amenities for a full hour of fun. After you dry off, enjoy your favourite party traditions in our program room.

Our Pool guidelines and Admission Standards apply.

The Caledon Cup - Sports Party

The Caledon Cup - Sports Party is $255 for half of the gym and $357 for the full gym. This party for children 6 - 14 years old and up to 24 guests will be a huge hit with all sports enthusiasts. You'll get exclusive use of the gym with a variety of team sports equipment at the Caledon Centre for Recreation & Wellness, including:

  • basketball
  • floor hockey
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • badminton

Make sure to bring clean indoor shoes and caged helmets for floor hockey.

You're a Super Star - Dance Party

You're a Super Star - Dance Party starts at $183.60 for:

  • up to 12 guests who are 3 to 5 years old
  • up to 24 guests who are 6 to 12 years old

This party is perfect for dance-loving kids! They'll create their very own routine and showcase their talents at the end of the party. You can bring your favourite music to move and groove to.

Super Skateboarding Party

Super Skateboarding Party starts at $306.  This party is for children 6 - 14 and for up to 24 guests.  Ready, Set, Sk8! Whether the kids are new to this sport or experienced skaters, participants will have the opportunity to ride the half pipes and ramps on their skateboard or scooter.  Private use will ensure the safety of each guest.  Skateboards/scooters and helmets are not provided.  Additional use of the youth centre amenities are also included.